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RSS Ganzun

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1 point

No we shouldn't because of rational agency, and how children don't have it. Their brains aren't fully developed and they don't yet have the full ability required to make a decision yet. (Ironically I'm legally a child)

1 point

The universe could not go from being finite to infinite, it's simple logic. It's expanding, you need to be finite in order to be expanding.

3 points

In the words of Einstein "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but


They are one and the same if you learn correctly. You need imagination to be intelligent, and vica versa. This is further proven by thinking about various theories. Quark theory, for example, it is almost impossible to understand this without intelligence AND imagination. Yet it exists.

Thus I negate.

3 points

It's not so much survival of the fittest so much as survival of the most advanced, the fittest will still die if he/she can't adapt to the environment. Intellect is also a very important aspect of survival, knowledge and tactics being key.

1 point

Regardless of whether it's a good thing, the government CAN create jobs and wealth. The real question is whether or not it's a good idea. But as for the resolution, yes the government can create jobs and wealth

1 point

The metric system is much more simplified and easy than the US customary system, it would take a while to embed into the norm, but it would be a wise decision. Considering that the metric system is a series of tens, if we grew used to it we could easily make it regular and these ideas are ignoring the fact that the rest of the world uses the metric system. This makes it a smart economic decision as well, because it makes it easier to trade anything that needs specific measurements.

1 point

It should be treated as a matter of criminal justice for the simple reason of the wording. The word illegal is so tied up with the criminal justice system that to associate it with anything else would make it legal, and by extension, off topic.

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