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2 points

The end of the World is due, by all accounts on 21st December 2012.

The Maya codex agrees, the legend of Nibaru agrees, Nostradamus ( who will agree to anything) agrees, the Book of Revelations reveals nohing, but hints.But I need to know, will it be before or after lunch?

1 point

There is a serious chip-on-the-shoulder inferiority complex problem with the political correctness brigade. As a White Anglo-Saxon, middle class, Protestant, hetrosexual. I am fed up. If I do not take offence at being a Pom, Limey, Gwai lo, Umlungu, Farang, Ferringhee, or Rosbif so why can't the Micks, Yids, Darkies, Spics, Nips, Slopes, Gyppos, Pikeys, Frogs, Krauts, Wops, Wogs, Curry-Munchers, Chinks, Gollys, Goat-Fanciers, Cheeseheads, Sheep-shaggers, Ragheads, Rednecks, Poofs, Bum-bandits, Queers, Spastics, Retards, Cripples and ugly people take it? Old people are still old, however much you call them seniors and the handicapped may have special needs, but they are still handicapped.

Exactly who is behind the crap of changing BC and AD to BCE and CE? How did "Merry Christmas!" become "Happy Holidays" Why do we let the limp-wrist brigade sodomise our language? The expression "Gay" for homosexual was Polari code until the 60s, but it had a normal meaning-- now what does a seven year old think if he hears that the Flintstones are " going to have a gay old time"?

A shirt-lifter would describe me as "Straight", well the opposite of straight is Bent.

The Lesbos have also buggered with the language. What happened to Actress, Waitress, Executrix, Victrix, Aviatrix? How stupid for there to be an Oscar for "Best female Actor", its tautalogical and imprecise. What would the sensible shoe brigade have done with a language like French or Spanish with all of its gender dependent articles and nouns? The Flight Attendent still brings me a drink, just as she did when she was a Stewardess or an Air Hostess and I think no less and no more of her. The Environmental Health Officer is still catching rats despite his new job title and the Sex Worker still looks like a tart to me.

Attempting to change attitudes by forcing a change of language is exactly what Orwell decribed in Nineteen Eighty-four. It is cultural terrorism.

1 point

I have personally seen that the Glacier on Kilimanjaro has all but gone. The one on the Spitzberg is 300 Metres higher than it was in 1936. The North West passage is now navigable after 500 years of trying, the Ross ice shelf is breaking up -- so how come its a 'swindle' ? The anti-innoculation movement (against smallpox) lasted well into the 20th Century in America too!

2 points

My own research has discovered that the demise of the dinosaurs was nothing to do with asteroids, but was Dino-induced global warming.

The vast majority of dinosaurs were herbivores, essentially with the same digestive processes as, say an elephant or a cow. A cow produces around 100kg of methane-- a most notorious greenhouse gas, per year--an elephant 1000kg through animal flatulence.. Dinosaurs were basically enormous cows--on a pro-rata basis they would have blown off around six tons of methane per year each.

Kenya supports about 30,000 Elephants today--as recently as the 1930s it supported a million. Fredrick Selous estimated that there were 10 million Elephant South of the Zambezi before 1870--without human or other competition we could guess a Brontosaurus density of 1 per ten hectares, say 13 billion world-wide,,, that's 78 billion tons of fart gas per year. Humans today produce only 30 billion tons from industrial and mechanical sources, clearly we can afford a few more beans before the end.

2 points

The Time magazine article got it half-right, but is a misinterpretation of the then evidence. I also first started reading about Global warming and the "Greenhouse effect" in the early 1970s in, I think, Science Fiction magazines. The increase of global temperatures is unprecedented and even if the most drastic action were taken now will continue for at least twenty years due to a lag effect. Remember that soot and other aerosols pumped into the atmosphere actually have a cooling effect so the problem is even worse than thermometers show. Global warming at its current rate will (WILL, not may) displace the Greenland ice shelf. This will displace the Gulf stream (or "Atlantic conveyor") causing a DECREASE in average temperatures in Northern Europe and the reduced salinility of the North Atlantic will also do for what is left of fish stocks. A mass melting of the arctic permafrost may release methane that will trigger an irreversible runaway effect--it has happened before, but it was nature alone not human engineered.

The warmer tropical waters ofthe mid-Atlantic will increase the hurricane count and are likely to make New York as popular a target as Florida.

Most of the Ross Ice Shelf is on its way North right now, in about a decade its remnants will hit the Bengula and Mozambique currents to recreate the coast to coast african desert that existed 20,000 years ago.

So many policticians seem to want to ignore any problem that stretches beyond their period of elected office that they may just end up like the inhabitants of Mohenjo-daro.

3 points

The Jews/Israelis/Israelites are not needlesly paranoid they REALLY ARE hated.

The trouble is, they don't seem to understand why.

Americans are not so much hated as distained.

We all love everything about France, except the French.

South Africa is a beautiful country, shame about the people in it.

Old, but modified joke.

The American prays on his knees and preys on his neighbours.

The Jew knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

The Irishman will fight to the death of someone else for what he believes in.

The English are a nation of self-made men--which absolves the Almighty of a dreadful responsibility.

Other joke

In Heaven:

The police are British

The Motor Mechanics are German

The cooks are French

The Lovers are Italian and

Everything is organised by the Swiss.

In Hell

The Police are German

The Motor Mechanics are French

The cooks are British

the lovers are Swiss and

Everything is organised by the Italians

3 points

The late Peter Sellars was being interviewed by Michael Parkinson on TV and he reflected on his life. He said, " You know, when I started out in this business twenty-five years ago I lived in a two bedroom cold water flat above a fish and chip shop. I had to get a bus to work and I had to send the wife out to work to make end meet. Now I have a house in the South of France, another in Hollywood, dozens of cars including a Rolls and an Aston and all of the beautiful women I can handle. But do you think that I am happy?"

(Long pause)

"You bet your life I am f*ing happy!"

( Money cannot buy you love, but it allows you to rent a pretty good skilled substitute by the hour.)

1 point

What counts as influential? Is power influence? Or is it the stamp of moral authority? American Presidents between Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt were the unimportant leaders of an agrarian backwater by world standards. The US was not even considered a Great Power until 1896. POLITICAL Influence within America is one thing, but look to a wider stage and there are not too many influential Presidents.

Washington naturally made an international impact, but the fact that the identical Toby Jug was sold throughout Europe variously labelled Geo. Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Gen. Cornwallis suggests that he wasn't as well known as Americans would like to believe. Jefferson was widely read in ruling circles around the world---and there it just about ends.

American history books make a fuss about Monroe, but he was trying to punch well above his weight. Imprinted by a century and a half of propaganda, most Americans would probably plump for Lincoln: he may have been in charge during momentous events, but what INFLUENCE did he have? Probably any of his contemporaries would have presided over the same actions that he did apart from ruining the performance of a perfectly good play. He was after all, a hick. Teddy Roosevelt with an early grasp of mass-media manipulation gripped the World's attention and even after leaving office ran a great PR campaign projecting American vigour and modernity.

Wilson was probably the first really influential US President, from sitting back and allowing the US to make a fortune from WW1 and only getting America involved in the closing months, he was able to stamp his self-righteous authority on the peace and sit as the first amongst equals with Lloyd George and Clemenceau. He was a true intellectual, a PhD no less. His administration marks the point where America moved from Wild West to mature world power.

FDR probably had the most INFLUENCE for he, more than any of his predecessors, saw the opportunity to eliminate and supplant the British Empire as the dominant force in the World. His expansion of the Federal Government has never been reversed, his relationship with Anglophone leaders like Churchill was unique and he juggled momentous International events with equally important domestic ones.

The USA in 1945 was five times richer than it was in 1939 (six times more than in 1932), had achieved world military and economic hegemony (although that wasn't obvious until 1950), acquired all of Western Europe's technology and a great proportion of its talent and remaining assets. That it was achieved by war is only half the story. Without FDRs social and fiscal experiments of the 1930s, the US would have been unable to subsidise Britain and the USSR and then fight two full-on intensive wars simultaneously. FDRs successors have all had their moments, but they have only been able to exercise influence by nature of inheriting the trappings of Superpower. Compare their positions for example with a Thatcher who as only the head of a collective leadership of a declining and impoverished country was not only able to turn around her own country, but was able to bully antagonistic European leaders, have two US Presidents and an entire congress eating out of her hand and bring the USSR in from the cold.

So its FDR for me.

1 point

Are you guys nuts? How can one determine such a matter after seven months?

The vast majority of American Presidents have been total, forgettable nonetities. Who outside of an American High School (or likely in it) has heard of Arthur, Pierce or Tyler?

No modern (post 1950) American President can be either superlative or a total disaster--the machine of government keeps them going. Carter had a more complicated time than Harding, but was no more ineffectual. Kennedy has been raised to sainthood but we know now that he was a skirt-chasing, dishonest drug addict who had a good team to keep him under control. Nixon is the one (pun) who really deserves the credit for ending the cold war--had he not been hounded from office the USSR may have collapsed a decade earlier--crook and psychotic though he may have been. Truman was reviled when he left office, but history must put him up in the top five. Eisenhower was considered a dolt, but the slow release of information shows that he was singularly adept at managing the loonies in the US government. George Bush pere and Clinton may yet be blamed for allowing the growth of International terrorism.

Obama has plenty of time to screw up--or not.

1 point

I've just re-read the Declaration of Independence. It's crap.

"We the People..." equals 56 people (22 of whom were not at the Congress).

" All men are created equal...." Unless you were black, mulatto, Native American, Chinese, Japanese, Lascar, Hispanic or non Protestant.

The diatribe includes calumnies such as " quartering troops among us...", "..mock trials...", "savage Indians...", " abolishing the system of English laws in a neighbouring province..." (Oops! Letting Catholics vote in Quebec), "...raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands." (Oops! Blocking the theft of Indian lands).

With 200 years hindsight it has as much nobility in it as a pederast's plea for understanding.

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