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RSS Gary11593

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The greatest scientist of this century, Albert Einstein saw clearly that the universe is designed and orderly therefore, it must be the result of a mind not merely a matter of bumping around randomly if space. Einstein put it like this, "The order of the universe reveals intelligence of such superiority that it overshadows all human intelligence." So for all of you nonbelivers, yes there is a God and it doesnt take the amount of intelligence that Einstein had to tell that. Have you ever seen a sunset? Have you ever seen a newborn baby? That is God!!! If the moon was 6 inches closer to the Earth(literally) we would have such crazy ocean current and tide variations that it would make human existance on earth impossible. On the other hand, if it were 6 inches further away, our weather patterns would be so extreme that, likewise, human existance would be impossible. If you think that that is all just one big coincidence, then I would seriously question your intelligence.

1 point

If evolution was true, then i pose one question to all of those who agree with the Darwhin(sp?) theory. You look at every other type of evolution, teradactyls to birds or something like that. when the teradactyls evolved, they themselves went extinct. If we came from monkeys, and we have been around for thousands of years, then logically wouldn't the monkeys be extinct? When they supposedly evolved into us then wouldnt they themselves died out? But obviously they did not because their population only started to go down when we started to poach them. I challenge anyone to posed a better argument on the fact that we did come from monkeys

1 point

God is all-loving. He loves us more than anybody else on this earth can. God did not put sin and evil into this world, humans did. This world was perfect before God made us. Only when God created Adam and Eve did sin enter the world. The human race should have ended with Adam and Eve. They should have been punished for their rebellion in eating the apple they were told not to. They should have been cast into the lake of fire and human history should have ended. But thankfully, our god is a meciful god. He came up with a remarkable, astonishing, unthinkable alternative: He himself would bear the punsihment for his creation. God himself would enter the world and take on the suffering and death and judgement and judgement that his people incurred. he met the demands of divine justice by submitting to judgement as a criminal and a sinner even though he had never sinned. Put simpler, God sent his son to die for us. He loved us so much that he paid the punishment for our sins already so that we didn't have to.

Some of you might say that if he sent his son then he didnt actually pay for us himself. Well there is this thing called the Trinity.

1.) God the Father

2.) God the Son

3.) God the Holy Spirit

God is all of them. that is very hard to comprehend i know but look at it this way: My dad for example sells auto parts.

He is my father, he is his dad's son, and he is a salesmen. He isnt three different people he is the same person that has all of those roles.

Just as evil entered the world by an act of people, salvation was accomplished by an act of God. All you have to do is believe that God has already paid for our sins and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour to enter into the glorious, extravagent kingdom of heaven. Please if you are more interested in this subject discuss it with the pastor of your local church. I am a baptist so if you talk to a baptist preacher you will get the same opinion i have.

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