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RSS Gdelfman

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1 point

I think you missed the point. What I am trying to say is that humans, by nature, are always willing to take certain issues to see how far they can take, sometimes even if they truly do not believe it. To make things even worse, some will do it just to show that they are not considered out of today's norm. History teaches us that and history always repeats itself, unfortunately. The consent will have absolutely nothing to do with.

I am more than secure with myself so you have to come up with another excuse.

3 points

At this moment in time, I don't see how it is possible for anyone to defeat and invade china. Besides the fact that they have the biggest population, Chinese are very patriotic people, their military spending is increasing without worrying about having debts, both military and non-military technology is increasing rapidly due to stealing of foreign technology.

China's relations with Russia also improved greatly and they see one another as allies against a common enemy: USA. Prior to the 90's, there were over 1,000,000 troops on both sides of the border between Russia (Soviet Union) and China. However, today Russia and China have military maneuvers together. Just last week, a pipeline was built that brings oil from Russia to China with two more pipelines planned in the near future. Furthermore, they share military technology and thus decreasing military spending which in return could be used on expanding the economy of both countries.

Although the quality of military technology does matter, it definitely is no guarantee that you could win a war. There is no better example of that than Vietnam, Afghanistan (Both US and Russia), Iraq.............

One way that for example that countries such as China or India could win a war would be to have 30-40 million of their fellow countrymen to simply surrender to the US/Russia/UK or anyone with a mighty military and simply say "I surrender!" What are you going to do? Kill 40 million? No. Feed 40 million? No...what options are left?..........

For those who think that China could not survive without the trade with the US forgets to realize that there is the other 99% of the countries with which China can trade. They are already doing that by increasing trade in Africa, Europe, Central & South America. For example: US company offers a product for $100, but China offers the same product for $ might not be same quality, but penny saved is a penny earned.

China should not be underestimated. For me personally, I realized that something is just not right when the biggest capitalist country (USA) started to owe money (around $2 trillion currently) to the biggest communist country (China).

The only solution that I see this to be resolved is to bring back jobs to US citizens, stop being a world police, decrease military spending by a large percentage and use that money for economic purposes...oh, and make lobbying illegal so that some big corporations cannot decide our foreign policy......

1 point

I couldn't agree with you more. These days, both HOR and senators of this great country are completely under the control of bankers throughout the planet through lobbying scumbags. I know.....let's make lobbying completely illegal and let's see who will then be willing to run for Congress/Senate and spend millions of dollars to be elected!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that's what I thought. Their only interest is to get voted in and then exchanged for the highest bidder as if they are on the stock market. Why else would someone go from a let's say $500k non-government salary to a job where you make less than that, at least officially?

Well, some might consider that to be somewhat unfair, so I think that one option is to:

First, anyone who can get at least 10,000 signatures to run for a seat be eligible for a financial support from the government with let's say $100,000.00, no more than that plus no one is allowed to any sort of donation, including their own money.

Second, anyone who is found to be suspicious of being lobbied and getting some financial suport from these lobyists should be immediately investigated, not after their term is completed. No exceptions. If proven guilty, give them maximum sentences without a chance of a parole.

With these two very fair (at least in my opinion) conditions, I strongly doubt that we would see many of those people running for we can all get citizens who will represent us and our needs better. Why? Because among the citizens of this country, there are many of those who would want to run for public office, but can't because they can't afford it or cannot get their name out there. Why? Because they are more honest and perhaps much less corruptible to pressure and financial opportunities that come from lobbyists.

2 points

Of course, it would make a difference on what the crime is......If it was a murder or a rape, definitely a death penalty is the best option. While there are those who will say that the death penalty is a cruel punishment, they are not looking at the side of the victim. Furthermore, these days, forensic technology has gone pretty far that it is almost impossible to put an innocent man/woman in jail.

One crime that I would love to see a special punishment for is child molestation. I just find that to be so unforgiving and there is no cure or treatment for such a thing. It is not a psychological issue, but rather a choice of life.

1 point

Yeah, except most religions don't agree with the concept of putting a bomb on a human being and killing many innocent civilians....and then calling that suicide bomber a saint.....

1 point

As in many cases, problem are not video games, but rather far left (liberals) and far right (conservatives) who cannot find a common ground. Perhaps still have violent games, but with little less violence. See? It is possible.

Why will this left vs right continue? Because people are not willing to change the course of history, but rather just repeat it. This is and will help continue to make our society more self-destructive even more until a final annihilation.

Everyobody's selfishess is our own worst enemy...........

2 points

Germany does get most of the blame, but Great Britain and France also deserve a great deal of blame. Why? Because, at the end of the WWI, Germany got all the blame and had to pay huge amounts of money to France and Britain. When the hyperinflation hit bad in the 20's in Germany, only United States were willing to help Germany. Furthermore, hyperinflation got blamed on the government, hitler blamed it on the government, jews,....through these lies, he got elected and started the WWII simply because Great Britain and France wanted to punish Germany as much as possible and look where that led to. Don't forget that WWI was more about arms race and colonial powers than it was about the good and the bad guys or who was right and who was wrong.

At the end of WWII, France, Great Britain and United States learned from their mistakes from Versailles and found out that it is a whole lot better to help Germany and Japan get back on its feet than to try to destroy them. Germany and Japan are not small countries which can be just crushed and then left helpless. That is how dictatorships are created, hence Hitler in Germany.

In the end, Germany gets most of the blame, but not all of the blame.

btw, Germany didn't kill 6 million, but rather more than 40 million......25 million in Soviet Union (Russia) alone. 6 million that you are thinking of are the Jews, but they were not the only ones killed. Jews got the worst of it though in the concentration camps due to the brutality of the SS and anti-semitism.

3 points

Untill you are a non-muslim living among muslims who are a majority, you will not is a whole different game.

When non-muslims are killed, it is almost never mentioned.

Christians and Jews are not angels either, but the difference is that christians and jews have joined the 21st century in general, muslims are yet to do it and still live in a 6th century idea of "kill all the infidels". Usual "not all muslims are like that" is not an excuse because that percentage of non-violent muslims is very very very small. The only reason why most of middle east countries are not democratic is exactly because of that: they don't care for rights of others nor those muslims who live there. Those that do care are stoned in the streets. Sounds like a religion of peace only to an idiot.

Again, to conclude, it is a whole different game if you live among them. Look at Egypt, Chechnya, Nigeria, Turkey, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran..or do I need to name any more?...places where muslim majorities treat non-muslim majorities are treated as not even 2nd class citizens, but rather as slaves. Of course, we don't hear much about those innocent civilians because that would make muslims look bad.

If you can find me full proof that mistreatments of non-muslims are not occuring anymore, I would be more than happy to support your claim.

2 points

Knowing what Muslims have done in my native country, of course Palestinians are the terrorist. Throughout history, Muslims have known to be conquerors who have no respect for others unless they submit to Islam. Israel can give 99% of the country to Palestinians and Palestinians will still not be satisfied. In addition, commiting suicide acts and then hiding among the civilians shows how Palestinians hope to win against the Israelis. Israel is 100% right. Palestinian terrorists have their entire hope on the world opinion where suicide attacks are seen as a desparate act . When Israel responds, these terrorists never come out in the open and instead decide to hide among the general Palestinian population hoping that the Israeli retaliation will look as if it is an attack on civilians among whom the terrorists hide. Of all the countries with muslim conflicts, Israel does the best job. Why? Because they show that you do not negotiate with terrorists.

Some might say that this has nothing to do with Islamic faith, but it does. Just look at the most conflicts in the world where muslims are involved. Is it really possible that they are always victims? Petrodollars and even heroin trade can buy you media time. While suicide attacks are considered by the leftists as a desparate act, retaliations are considered to be acts of murder. Perhaps if Israel did not retaliate, that will be the end of the only democratic country in that part of the world....and no, Iraq is not a democracy.

4 points

Greed is the worst type of evil. It has been around since the begining of homosapiens. Just look at our economy and our leadership, not just the present one, but the leadership in general. Do any of you really think that most of those in power worldwide are in power because they love their countries or are there for the almighty buck? Of course, there are few who are there because they love their country, but the problem is the word "FEW."

Another good example of that is they way some of big corporations are moving to places where labor costs are so low and putting our own citizens out of work and increasing the welfare system even more and why? No other reason but GREED. Apparently, $1 billion is not enough, so go against your own people and economy and give jobs to someone else, let's say China, and make $2 billion.

Yeah, some of you might say that is the way that capitalism works, but what will happen one day when the unemployment is so high that we might have unrest. No money will be able to help you then. It is one thing to want to make a buck, but another when you make it at the expense at your co-citizens.

GREED IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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