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RSS Geoff

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1 point

I don't believe that we're unique in the universe given its apparent scale. I think there's probably life as we know/could recognise it elsewhere but possibly, we'll never find it.

1 point

Obviously there was a conspiracy, it's just a question of whether there was any American foreknowledge or involvement. If we take only the undisputed facts, there are certainly some interesting questions which could and should be answered. For example, where did all the thermite and thermate residue in collected dust samples come from? Why won't NIST release their data to the scientific community for peer review? Why did NIST eliminate heat conductance through metal as a parameter in their computer models?

1 point

I do know what it is. (And here are some random words to beat the 50 character minimum.)

1 point

It should be treated as a fashion and nothing more. It is up to the immediate employer whether it is allowable. Any sort of religious claim should be discounted. Imagine if there were a religion where ceremonial 9mm handguns must be kept about the person at all times - clearly unacceptable in the workplace.

2 points

No, it's a response. Atheists don't believe in whatever god/deity/ghost is being postulated. They don't necessarily believe in anything specific nor is atheism any sort of 'world view' as you can have communist, collectivist, Marxist atheists.

1 point

There is no meaning, it doesn't matter what you do. If eating as many peaches as you can is your life's goal then go for it - it doesn't matter inwardly or outwardly - you're going to die in a few decades regardless.

1 point

They could barter the resulting film for a Canada Goose novelty telephone.

1 point

Yes, but it's a slippery slope. We might consider MS a disability today and abort a fetus. Tomorrow, we might abort a fetus with a 90% chance of having red hair. What we perceive to be a disability is a moving target.

1 point

'Why is it that speaking the truth is mostly connected to hurting someone?'

Without statistical evidence to establish this as a general rule, it is a subjective viewpoint which only you can answer.

2 points

There is no contradiction. The bible describes Jesus performing miracles and it exhorts faith. There was purpose in the miracles e.g. water to wine because the wine had run out.

You cannot believe something incredible without some sort of evidence. If the bible presents enough evidence for your scepticism threshold then you'll believe. If it doesn't, it won't. We don't 'have to make do with written scripture [read: book] and 'faith' [read: lack of knowledge] alone'. We can simply reject the claims.

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Winning Position: No, they're not.
Tied Positions: There is No god vs. I exist
Winning Position: Yes, it could.
Tied Positions: Wrong. vs. Correct.
Winning Position: Wrong.

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Name: Geoff 
Gender: Male
Age: 97
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom

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