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Well all that i meant to say is that sure, some kids have smarts genetically, but a lot of time some of the kids that are naturally smart only have school as their friend so they spend lots of their time looking educational websites and only focusing on things that are academically based! Because they don't have any intentions of going on social networks (not to say that all genetically smart people don't have things like FaceBook and Twitter), they don't really explore the new wonders and get out into the world!

But also, genetically smart people can have a social life. They have these smarts and use them to their extent. Because they can breeze by, they have time (just like others) to be on FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter.

They decide to have a life and still make straight A's and yet have time for going over to friends houses rather then going over to a persons house for a school project. As to other people that make straight A's once again again they decide to go out into the world and explore! Were as to a good percentage of people with smarts, they can..

A. Go out into the world, make friends, and be involved social (not just for hanging, but also for academics)

B. Stay cooped up their room and focus of academics (independently) for a good portion of their childhood

2 points

Volleyball..... Its awesome, cause you won't get hurt really badly and who doesn't love spiking a ball into your opponents face?!

0 points

Well, for some people it can come natuarlly, they can ace every tests they take and wont even have to study for one minute. They are smart like that because they feel that school is really their only friend..... Simple as that

3 points

THAT RIGHT!! If we didn't have any police then where would the world be right. Every criminal would be free and crime would be everywhere in the world. People would have things stolen, there wouldn't be supreme court and offenders of every kind would be going around hurting people. Police are here to help us! They are not given too much power!

4 points

Ever since he was put into the office, he has made taxes climb! He has turned on the country, and his vice president hasn't done anything either! i mean, having to guts to curse on live T.V what person would do that who is trying to run the country?!

So i personally don't think that Obama is fit for the office!

2 points

This is really inspiring, you are never too old to make a difference! Take 90 year old ladies, well one of those 90 year ladyies; She decided to go back to college and get her degree. So your never to old to make a difference

3 points

No, The United States in not still a British Colony. When we first came over to American we were 13 British Colonies, but as time progressed these 13 colonies became more independent. The people of these colonies wanted justice and felt like something need to be done, so they wrote the olive branch petition, which down-fell and more British troops were sent over to the 13 colonies, the people didn't like this and thats when a The Revolutionary War broke out. America started The Revolutionary War to be free from the British, I don't think that we would want to go back to being a colony for them if we didn't want to start another Revolutionary War.

So, I think that The United States are not apart of British Colony.

1 point

Uniforms are a good thing in society! Based on schools, the uniform they wear can teach children them how to dress properly. Uniforms can also help keep children together. For instance, a lot of children tend to wander way from their class or group. See, if children wear uniforms then if a member of the class or group gets lost, he/she would be able to be recognized based on his/her uniform. Having uniforms is a very good thing, I don't think it should be abolished!

2 points

Yes, having social networks such as FaceBook is a good way to maintain a realationship. With new additions to FaceBook such as skyping and video chatting which can allow people in a realationship to see eachother and actually talk with having to use a keyboard are very good and can allow people to get to know each other more. Social netoworking like FaceBook can also allow people who are not in a realationship to find people who they might be interested in. So FaceBook can also start realationships. I have reason to believe that social networking sites such as FaceBook can and are easier to maintain good realaionships.

1 point

Titanic The Movie is basically a piece of history! Where as to Avatar, it's a fictional story based on nothing! All that Avatar shows are signs that the people who wrote are living in a fantasy world!

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