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1 point

No sex is better than the other. Yes we may on average be physically stronger and have better spacial recognition, but women on average have better memory and tighter packed neurons which help in the language region of the brain. Both men and women however have similar overall IQs. Scientifically, we have differences, but they aren't so imbalanced that one sex can have total superiority in every category.

1 point

We also gotta remember, the flight or fight response can be triggered in more situations other than just direct physical harm. And I find the appropriate response based off circumstances. There is no single correct answer for all situations. For me, I'll admit that I don't like getting in a sticky situation on most cases, so my response would be flight. But sometimes when the risks are acceptable enough to me, I'll land a punch, explode with sharp words(though trying to stay logical as possible), or just have a generally aggressive response.

2 points

In a 1 v 1 situation, America wins hands down just with numbers alone. America also has well trained troops, advanced technology, nuclear weapons, and other weapons. Israel has some of those traits, but not to the same extent as the US. The U.S. also pours lots of money into defense spending in order to research and buy new equipment. I'm not saying Israel doesn't do the same, but U.S. is a bigger country with more resources to overpower Israel.

1 point

Evolution is not a predefined chain of events. The environment simply sets the conditions for certain traits to win while other traits lose. It's not like pokemon where you "level up" after getting "experience points" :P

1 point

I think the environment determines half of what a person is. The person's personality which is coded on a person's genes determines how the person will react to the environment. I consider that the other determinant.

1 point

Depends, who are the "stupid" people? >:)

And also morality is subjective.

1 point

That's implying that all porn stars are inherently stupid. I'm sure they know tons of stuff at the things they're good at! ;)

1 point

There are jerks in every group. Jerks are not limited to one ideology. :D

Stereotypes do not determine how all individuals act. Also, the non-jerk type of Atheist are likely to be less vocal about their Atheism that those people are underrepresented.

At a personal level, I'm an Atheist, but you don't see me going around and acting all superior to others just because I think differently than my religious counterparts.

1 point

Most people see it as wrong when other people are doing it to them. For the person being arrogant, It provides them a way of being very self-confident and gives them motivation to succeed. Though at the downside, it reduces your chances of getting along with people and having strong relationships. Morals are subjective. It's all perspective.

2 points

As long as you have the knowledge, training, skills, and work ethic necessary for the profession of your choice. And if they are going to drop out, at least get a job that allows them to sustain themselves.

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