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RSS Goblinballs

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2 points

So according to SUPER STUPID if one walks into a gun shop to purchase a weapon they are not subject to a background check ??

They might be subject to a check, but there is nothing preventing them from passing the weapon onto someone else. Furthermore, a lot of people with bad intentions are able to purchase firearms without having a proper background check simply by acquiring them at roadshows, or over the internet. Finally, let us not forget that each state has its own gun laws, so it is possible for someone to acquire a gun in one state which they would not be able to acquire in another, and then simply drive to the other state to commit a crime.

In sum, your country is one giant clusterfuck of gun problems. And the biggest problem is your attitude toward guns.

0 points

I ignore childish vulgar fools

But the irony is that's you. You are known for being the childish idiot who bans/ignores everybody who ever disagrees with him. On the one hand, your religion is supposed to teach tolerance, empathy and understanding. On the other, you spend your entire day attacking and insulting people on the internet. You are mad. Simply, indisputably mad.

2 points

It's funny how these very same people voting for radical Democrat Pro abortion politicians, have the exact opposite logic when it comes to free healthcare for all from cradle to grave.

Oh, I SEE.

If we want to take care of the people currently living on our overpopulated planet, that means we also have to want to triple the amount of people currently living on our overpopulated planet.

More watertight logic from CD's resident bomber of abortion clinics. Now shut your face and go and flail yourself to remind yourself of the suffering of Jesus.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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