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10 most recent arguments.

While poverty and homelessness exist, there shouldn't be billionaires. Let's put into perspective. 100 seconds is almost 2 minutes. 1,000 seconds is almost 17 minutes. 10,000 is 2 & 3/4 hours. 100,000 seconds is almost 28 hours. 1 million seconds is 11 and a half hours. 10 million seconds is 16 and a half weeks. 100 million seconds is about 3 and a half years. 1 billion seconds is 34 years. There are people who cannot afford food or a home. There are people who can't afford medical treatment. No one needs a billion dollars.

1. Health care. Things like autism, diabetes, and cancer are becoming more and more abundant. But treatment and help to recover have become more and more expensive. Health care is necessary for survival. Insulin, something that diabetics will DIE without costs more than $25 for a milliliter. They will die without it, and they are paying an extreme amount for it.

2. Homophobia. There is a mass system of oppression against the lgbt+ community. The government is enforcing and encouraging the discrimination of that community. Telling a teenager that they can't possibly be gay, and forcing them to be straight is just going to leave them with intense hatred and psychological scars.

3. Ignorance of opinion. Coupling with the anti-gay oppression, there is just a lack of listening to kid's opinions. We are scorned, and laughed at, and ignored. You shouldn't talk about school shootings unless you consider those involved. And most politicians don't do that.

4. Finally, one I'm not going to talk about much-the detaining of innocent children. I don't want to bring it up because of how much it connects to other issues. But the way the children of immigrants are being kept is inhumane. Do some research into it. It's crazy.

A child is not a piece of property. No human being is a piece of property. That is called slavery. To care for a child is not making it your property. Yes you have the right to instruct and redirect your child, but they also have the right to walk away if their parents become abusive.

But by what you said, a wife shouldn't leave a husband that that constantly cheats. Do you think a child would rather have parents that never talk to each other or parents that are constantly screaming at each other and arguing. My selfish desires? This is about feminism and your sexism. And why should you have to remain married to someone you don't want to be married to?

You must remember that it was not just murder. It was years and years of slavery. It was being forcibly sterilized. It was a massive system of racism. It was the mass destruction of their culture, that they were told was bad. It was "kill the Indian, save the man". It was being forced off the land that their families lived on for generations upon generations upon generations. It was being forced into reservations where the land is bad, the work is bad, and there is a grocery store desert. It is hearing racist jerks saying that America is "their land" and that immigrants should get out. It is the celebration of Christopher Columbus. It is having these horrors erased. Estimates for the death count range from two to twenty million. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I almost agree with three, but no others.

1. She would put her unborn baby first unless she would be unable to properly care for it and support herself.

2. She would know she can do anything a man can. And she would know she can do it just as well.

3. She would not care what others thought of her. She would know that she was valuable and fine just the way she is.

4. She would look at her career, motherhood, and achievements as her greatest accomplishments. With all three being equally important.

5. She would love her children and spouse, if any, unconditionally, but also understand that that love should be mutual and know when to walk away.

6. She would understand that marriage is a loving lifelong commitment, and know to stay in it until the love is no longer there.

7. She would draw her strength from her wisdom, no matter whether it is based on faith or not.

I fixed it for you.

A feminist is a person who believes that woman are not seen as equals, and support equal job rights, recognition, and the right for their voice to be heard. Feminism has several type of itself included. The one I support is the one I see as the one that, once successful, will leave the scales the most balanced. Throughout history and even in today, women have been treated as objects to be given away by their fathers. Women are often seen as the source of problems (if she respected herself, he wouldn't abuse her). Misogynistic men treat them like dirt, and school dress codes are often unfairly geared. They are often scolded for dressing immodestly, even when fashion designers are purposely making their clothes shorter. I have many points to make, and just so you know, I am a male.

Who has much more super smarts? Who invented his own super suits, instead of paying someone to do it. Who has lasers he shoots from his hands, and a super computer inside a virtually indestructible suit? Iron Man. Who is an interesting character? Iron Man.

I have so much to say about it. It is interesting, and portrays the characters very realistically. The slow burn with long breaks could alienate people, but it just makes me love it more. The twists are shocking yet make sense. The characters all have their own stories that make them almost seem real. The stories are the coolest. I could go on and on about it.

Doomsday killed Superman using pure force. Hulk heals incredibly fast, only needs oxygen to survive, and gets stronger as he gets angrier. To me that sounds like enough to kill one Kryptonian.

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