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RSS Gunman

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1 point

I love the jellied cranberries. Especially putting it on the turkey as extra sauce. I could eat a whole can of that stuff.

3 points

I have to give Obama credit, he is funny. But do we want a president that is funny, or do we want a president who knows how to lead. Obama's slick comedy routine just shows he's more flash and less substance.

2 points

Voting is one of the times everyone can influence politics. We can debate and talk all we like, but voting is action. It's the best way to show the world what you think, and what you and your city believe in. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain for the next four years.

1 point

Since she's doing it in Nevada, where prostitution is legal when conducted according to all the relevant state laws, it's a great idea. She's just joining the world's oldest profession as a summer job before college. Unless there's massive publicity, she probably won't get anywhere near a million dollars, but I'm sure she'll make enough to justify the press tour and the day itself. Maybe she'll even get a book deal out of the whole affair.

1 point

They're accurate to the percent that they say they are. If you notice, all of them have disclaimers about the percentage they might be off based on sampling error. For the first half of 2007, only 15% of households didn't have a landline. The gallup poll also tests cellphone users. If you randomize the people you call enough, that's not a very significant loss. The rest is just statistics about sample size and random sampling math. Those footnotes explain what the survey really is surveying. Just remember that if the error margin is 2%, it could be that one is 2% higher and the other is 2% lower

Supporting Evidence: landline data (
3 points

Palin has two major qualities that make her a good VP pick. She is the true outsider, and she will speak her mind. She has never served posts inside Washington, which will make it easier for her to point out flaws in the way the system operates, cutting unnecessary positions or red tape. Secondly, she definitely speaks her mind. This is clear from her reactions when picked as a VP and asked in an interview what the vice president even does, and her comments about the freddie mac/fannie may fiasco. Both of those give her the outside the beltway attitude that will balance McCain's experience.

what's a vp do comments

Supporting Evidence: fannie may/freddie mac gaffe (
1 point

If the US government really wants to increase production and technology locally, there should be no profit limitations. Oil companies take that profit and reinvest it in research and development, which helps reduce our foreign oil dependence. There is no real reason to limit profit on any business, other than bowing to the masses who think it's unreasonable to be successful. If the government wanted tax revenue, then tax, but extremely high tax rates and profit limitations hinder innovation.

1 point

In case you haven't noticed, gas prices are down and the housing market seems like it's stopped dropping like crazy. Those alone are enough to make me and people around me more confident that things are getting better. Even though prices may be higher for things, I'm less worried about the future.

2 points

The media seems to think Obama is the second coming and that he can't do any wrong. Just the fact that Obama announced his VP pick through text message made the talking heads happy for the next couple days. His campaign managers know what they're doing, and they're getting way more press because of it. But like everything with Obama, it's all style and no substance.

3 points

I don't read the manual unless I come across something I can't figure out in five or ten minutes. Then I check the table of contents and try to skip straight to the part that will tell me how finish what I'm doing. Otherwise, manuals go too long on boring obvious stuff and not long enough on the complicated problems that people actually run into.

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