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Does your choice to capitalize the G in gun serve to represent your feelings towards guns as being equivalent to the other capital G in your life?

1 point

Mueller said a lot. I can think of others who've said far less (while speaking so much more).

Mueller did well enough. Had he been more forthcoming he would have faced screeching allegations of pandering to the Democrats. For the Democrats, he seemed mostly to be there merely to acknowledge their talking points, which Republicans had steadfastly refused to look into before. For Republicans, he served as a target for them to broadcast conspiracy theories, grandstanding mostly.

It couldn't have gone well had he spoken more, so I approve of his tactic.

1 point

No meaning exists in a vacuum.

2 points

Neither of these issues are black and white issues, nor are either of them equivalent.

Abortion is an action taken to conclude the existence of a small group of cells often no bigger than a fingertip. It is a personal and medical issue.

The death penalty is an action taken against a person found guilty of a particularly offensive crime. It is a legal issue.

No equivalence. No hypocrisy.

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