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RSS Gwynethteo

Reward Points:27
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Well it's already fertilised.... And it already contains the genes from the parents and after 9 monyhs or so it's gonna become a human eventually so i think im siding with yes

0 points

No offence to christians but god doesn't exist. Its all science n evolution. (If im correct)

1 point

Umm it owuld be:


2) how are two men gonna ensure our continuity of our kind?

3) n if gay marriage starts. Won't everyone start to do the same??

1 point

You should get real ones. They give you more oxygen in your home, and they also somestimes put ansmile on your face!:)

1 point

actually centifolia, grass is a flowering plant. its just that you either cut the grass even before they could bare flowers or the flowers are too tiny to see

1 point

haha thanks guys! actually, i don't really hate exams as it involves my future. gotta tell some children that!

1 point

Yes of course!! When your mother had you, you were very much a teency weency little living thing swimming and sleeping in your mother's stomach

1 point

Kk I think she must not be let off just like that. She's kinda of a lunatic. Seriously can't she just move on? Don't attack the innocent? Uh complicated world

1 point

Okok after i saw the pics that that guy took i think it was addltd or something.......... Im speechless rite now what happened really? I barely look at his neck addltd person seriously dude, stop posting those pictures its disgusting

1 point

C'mon it issn't that bad issit? Its like you have never come across these cases before

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