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RSS Hagaren414

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1 point

I usually watch TV, read news and blogs, sleep, eat, read a novel, or exercise.

2 points

Facebook provides great features, for example, the toolbar that shows whose online and has shortcuts for applications. It also notifies what happened when the user was offline or playing with the applications.

Facebook is a great social networking site to chat, message, or comment friends, play with the applications, and many more.

2 points

For me, both companies are constantly rising above them. I do like both because of the variety and quality, but of couse nothing is perfect, so there are defective products.

Microsoft is very strong in computer softwares. Well, of couse. As I am writing this debate, Microsoft is controlling the computer. It allows me to type up essays, reports, and powerpoints as I am currently a high school student. They are compatible to a wide variety of softwares that are necessary for everyday computer use. It enables the antivirus program to run in the background, constantly checking for any malicious files. It allows me to run caching of flash drives for low system memory pcs. It supports the use of a program that checks for any vulnerable programs that require immediate update or removal. It allows me to edit photos, print them out, and put them near the desk.

Windows provides a pretty great option in customizing the themes, colors, effects, and other customizations that fit our needs. The company is also working hard on gaming. The newest gaming console, XBox 360, is very popular among gamers. They entertain many gamers by interacting with others and make them think that they are in the game.

Sony has a wide variety of electronic products. Cameras, cellphones, head/earphones, dvd/blue ray players, lcd tvs, etc... are sold globaly in shops. I enjoy using them very well.

But my parent working in a rival company, I think down at them a little as other companies do to. However, I still equally like them both for quality. Quality is the best. :D

3 points

The earth rotates at the axis at a costant speed of 1674.4 km/h. So, when the earth suddenly stops, we would be tremendously flying in the direction of the earth's rotation. A good example is a car crash. A car crashing head on into an object will launch any loose objects in or on the car towards the front, propelled by gravity. If the earth would really stop by some reason, most of the people on the ground will die.

1 point

PCs are more customizable as in internal and external. You can customize the themelike editing the start menu, taskbar, menubar, etc... It's easier to upgrade the hardware and enjoy a wide variety of games, not having to think about the compatibility (as in for XP). It is much cheaper, because a lot of companies manufacture pcs and are constantly competing each other.

2 points

I laughed pretty hard when I read the first comic stip on the homepage. I even bookmarked this site. :D

2 points

It is scientifically proven that blue is the most sensitive color to a human eye. Also, blue is cool while orange is hot. :D

1 point

Stupid question. There aren't aliens on this universe, yet at the most. Even if there was, how can they talk in human language? Also, it's almost impossible for them to be accustomed to the human world.

3 points

No one has the right to choose someone if they can marry or not. It's not fair for a total stranger to change someone's life entirely by opposing same sex marriage. Well, does it matter if gays and lesbians marry? I mean, who cares? Well if its one of your family member, then it might, but a total stranger???

3 points

Can a person have the right to choose if they can marry or not? I mean, does a total stranger have the right to change someone's life completely by opposing their marriage? If you said yes, why? Is it that you want to feel that you have more power than they do? Is it that you want to feel like you're above them? If so, imagine that someone opposes your marriage. Can u accept this? I'll say no. No one has the right to choose if they can marry or not unless they have a real head-nodding reason.

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