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1 point

I've never experienced it, but I find it hard to believe that you could be completely happy while struggling to put food on the table. I feel that the stress of trying to make ends meet would override the happiness. However, it is possible to live happily with money, (and very likely) so I'll take my chances there.

1 point

"Good" and "bad" are both so subjective, it's almost impossible to answer this question.

However, I am on the "Bad" side because I think from the beginning, humans are selfish. We care only for our personal gains. Even when someone dies, we only cry because that person is no longer around to continue fulfilling whatever needs of ours that they were when living. Babies and children need time to develop a moral compass, and they need to be taught what is wrong and right. I think that if we were born good, we wouldn't need to be taught morals and our environment wouldn't impact our personality. But that's just me. Some people would say my argument is more in favor of "Neutral", because everyone has an individual way of thinking about morality.

3 points

In what way? How are we measuring value?

2 points

They should be able to play with whatever kind of toy they want. They shouldn't be forced. Just like girls shouldn't be forced to play with trucks and stuff.

1 point

Of course they are. Well, we shouldn't make sweeping accusations. Not all Christians are hypocrites, just like not all atheists are tolerant. The Christians who judge others without following all the rules themselves are hypocrites, not all christians.

1 point

well I guess I'm considered a girly girl. (my friends call me preppy)

I really hate the assumption that all girly girls are brain-dead though. I love makeup and clothes but I also love reading and school. I have the innocent vibe but I also get annoyed at the stupid kids.

I think it just depends on your style choices, whether you're goth or girly has no impact on your intelligence.

1 point

I feel that the animated animal pornography is a reasonable alternative.

1 point

I have my brain full of information that could still easily keep going with you. We must at least reason on something.

like what?

1 point

Look, at this point, our argument is just going in circles. I'm just going to stop responding now because it's not worth it at all. It's getting pretty boring and repetitive. Thanks for the new outlook on zoophilia, although I still haven't changed my mind.

Have a nice day!

1 point

Then why is there rape.

Because there's exceptions to every rule.

Just because something is hard doesn't mean to give up.

But it doesn't seem worth it. Why legalize it, when it's fine the way it is? Such a small percent of the world is affected..

I am not sure I would then leave it up to the law as to make it work.

But that's the thing, we're debating to see if the law would work. From how I see it, there's really no way to make it work.

Honestly if they didn't like it they wouldn't do it.

How do we know that though? I'm sure that there are plenty of animals that are raped each year.

About Me

""I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me." -Dudley Field Malone"

Biographical Information
Name: Hannah 
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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