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RSS Haven8888

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1 point

if you could pray for the oh heavenly lord in the sky. Watching over 900 trillions of humans in the world and just one person tell's it/her/him to make everyone peace and loving then i would become Christian... but can that really happen?

1 point

-------------------------------------------> chuck Norris can swim on land!

1 point

Humans will continue to create and destroy till theres nothing left in this galaxy. We might not be able to watch the first person step foot on mars but its possible and also human will invent something to stop destruction and keep humans alive. never think of what happen in the past because out of no were theres something new every second of your life.

1 point

i am not absolutely sure why he was the worst because i don't listen to the news or care about government Bullshit, but in my opinion and point of view, yes. He made this country sink lower than we could ever think it could, we gave him another chance to change and he left USA alone there to make decisions by itself without a leader. Maybe i am wrong, please correct me if i am

0 points

well i actually play world of warcraft but with runescape you could sell your account for about $500 or even more, after you get bored with it, while with world of warcraft u would loose that money and win it back when you sell the account(FYI i play private servers). so yea its odvious that runescape wins this debate

1 point

to say the truth english is more proper to speak and not confusing to learn

6 points

this question cant really answer much because its the believes of someone and the opinion of can't really tell or show that there's a god, there's no proof of neither, either you believe in it or not it's not really something that matters in the life of humans

1 point

is not the school's fault, is not the kids fault, its the parents

fault for not making there kids go to bed early

1 point

exactly nothing happen is just people believe to much sh!t.

and plus if "god" would of killed us in 2000 then that wouldn't make him a god it would make him a devil for killing "it's creations"

1 point

about more than 10 years if its only one human or animal.............................................

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Winning Position: ps3 FTW
Winning Position: nothing's going to happen

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Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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