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RSS Hayese36

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1 point

A creative force we call God. God is merely a word a title given as a descriptive word for creator.

1 point

Consider that you are one of many many many and the generations of millions before you and after you and God has been through it and will be after you are gone. Now seeing that there may be an all powerful God consider that perhaps that God exists but only a few can see. Have you not considered the few great inventors of super intelligent capabilities among the billions of not so great inventors? Have you not considered that even though we are all endowed with achievement possibilities of great creations, we have not as a whole given our all to seek out this one creator? Many are called few are chosen.

1 point

You and another person are walking down a tunnel the tunnel is dark if each of you didn't have your handy dandy torches with you. Consider that you didn't light the torch or design what the torch was/is intended for but someone at the beginning of the tunnel did this.

1 point

The world is better knowing God than not knowing him as many are ignorant of God the world becomes darker, even those who know God to some degree can see the walls being built.

0 points

The true religion is written on all hearts of mankind, it is truth. The truth is what God gave and sacrificed for you to do good but mankind has chosen the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Does one understand what the tree of knowledge of good and evil even means? If a man knows good and evil he is now a judge, if he then being judge of right and wrong, how can the maker be judge? When one assumes his rightful place as unknowing what is right and wrong, throws all that he has prejudices against and all that he accepts as good away then he becomes a clean slate allowing the free will of God to shed light as to what is good.

In the beginning you and all things were created good. When you know only good then you know that any temptation of bad that comes along is not of God, therefore it is to be rejected and need not to be eaten for it brings spiritual death. Meaning in direct opposition with the life that one has been assigned. You need not do bad to see bad for bad can be seen simply by knowing good only, have belief in the good only and be freed by the imprisonment of bad; for bad when known will deceive you into believing it is good.

1 point

science is the investigation of Gods design. it's like a chimp inspecting a model car you just created and the chimp tries to figure it out... So figuring stuff out or trying to should be worshiped? Foolishness. How about that which is being inspected is it the substance that should be praised??? I tell you no, this too is nonsensical.

Consider that you and all humans are wandering down a dark tunnel but each of you have gotten an oil lamp to see what is and where and who and why but the the first one at the beginning of the tunnel passed all the oil lamps out was/is God. You did not create the lamp nor the light it sheds nor the path it shines on, give proper respect where it is due & come to know your creator.

1 point

Yes, he does and if you've have missed the point- you are not god.Humble yourself down take correction and stop playing god and then you can see him.

2 points

We all do but we all don't want to. It's important to not be the god yourself cause then you aren't allow he who is king take his rightful place.

1 point

Jesus is Gods word in a walking skin sack, that comes to earth to talk to earthlings.

1 point

Your very right please allow me to elaborate though. They do have a reason but it's not an obvious reason to them, for they can not see the workings of their subconscious mind that works through their conscious mind in that they are controlled by other sources than there own independence. One can't come to know God if they are ignorant to self they must come to know self or they are in poverty. That's "the how" they rebel, here's "the why" And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were bad/evil. For every one that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved/corrected.------ And human god like individuals DO NOT want corrected-it takes a humble spirit-a child

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