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RSS Haylstep

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1 point

Okay, you know what. I'm done. Cause I have other things to do besides be offended on a debate website. I was here for something challenging and intellectual and I've ended up feeling offended, hurt, insulted and discriminated against.

So thanks

I'm gonna go have a threesome, desire vaginas while screwing a guy and cheat on my partner. Cause that's what bisexuals do.

1 point

Hey you being homosexual is cool. But discriminating against someone because they identify with a sexual preference, that is a minority, is homophobic. The arguments for the 'no' side have been slanderous and based off ignorant misinformation. I addressed primarily the arguments that:

1. Being bisexual means you're more likely to cheat


2. Being bisexual is only okay, or even grosser 'hot', if they engage in a polygamous relationship.

If you side with these ideas, its discrimination and prejudice based off sexual preference.

6 points

The arguments so far for not dating a bisexual person have been biased, homophobic slander. Regardless of your sexuality there is no more likelihood of cheating, that depends entirely on the type of person the individual. A person cheating is independent of their preference for the gender of their partner. If a bisexual were, for example, dating a male there is no increased likelihood of them 'craving the female anatomy' that would induce cheating.

Furthermore, a bisexual may be attracted to more than one gender. That does not mean they want to be in a polygamous relationship. That's is absolutely unrelated to their sexuality. It is just as likely that a hetrosexual or homosexual person would want a polygamous relationship, a bisexual is no more inclined than anymore else to want a relationship like that. So the creepy threesome fantasies and leers towards bisexual people need to stop, because its an unwelcome advance and is quite often inappropriate and uncomfortable for the person.

1 point

Utilitarianism ethics are ultimately more valuable as a guide for moral behaviour than Kantian behaviour. A Kantian would have to uphold their moral principles when it is logically morally wrong, for example in the case of Trolley a Kantian would be unable to switch the lever to save the 5 children. They would feel that by not acting they have no responsibility for the death of the 5, this is illogical as they had the opportunity to save them by sacrificing the one. If we changed the numbers it becomes even more apparent, if there were 100 children and 1 adult it would seem inarguably right to save the 100. However, a Kantian would be unable to use they one as a 'means' to an 'end'.

Utilitarianism ethics are consequently a better guide to moral behaviour.

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Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Australia
Education: High School

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