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RSS Heartmeordie

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8 most recent arguments.

Poser: Someone who pretends to be something they're not

Emo: A generally introverted person who has a huge emotional range (hence the abbreviated form of emotional).

"Scene Kid": Poser...

Type in emo hair, clothes or music into google and you will get a comprehensive list on how to be a poser. There is one video on Youtube that tells you how to be an emo that doesn't focus on clothes, hair, makeup... It actually focuses on the one aspect of being an emo: the mindset

Peace Out Girl Scout xxx

Of course not all emos cut, if they did then that would be the binding thing in being an emo, whereas it is really the music, clothes, deep thinking, and yes, being sad/depressed quite a bit, but that's only because we are realists, and think about the world around us. We don't wear black as a representation of evil, we wear it to mourn the goodness in the world.

Peace Out Girl Scout xxx

Cheers :D. Much appreciated :D Do you want any recommendations?

Excellent. Love your username btw :D. Any particular bands you would recommend?

Soft pop rock?! I semi agree if you want to fall aslepp, it might help... But not if you want to listen to good music at any time in your life. Now, dance, dubstep, house, rock, metal, acoustic rock, punk, pop punk...

What days when Bowser was the only source of video game fear? Those bom-ombs used to scare me more.... Haha

Excuse me? Have you ever listened to decent rock music? If you haven't, I can reccomend a few bands...

0 points

I sometimes wear hot pink, but only in accessories...

I like black because it gives me almost an emotional shiel to hide behind... Also, it happens to look pretty good on me...

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Winning Position: Whooooo!
Winning Position: Black Veil Brides (please read the description)
Winning Position: Serious problem, duh...
Winning Position: Yes

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Robin Jairus
Gender: Transgender
Age: 32
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Japan
Education: In College

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