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1 point

no, the goverment should have no say in this at all it is all the perants job to make sure that the child is not taking part of the "sexting" .

1 point

Texting does have adverse effects on the way we do other writing activities. For example, you have a writing assignment in an English class and the way you think and type on the keys of your phones would be completely different than the proper way that we should be typing out the entire word and the way it should be spelled and the meanings of the word and the quality of the human vocabulary has been reduce due to the amensed amount of texting power in the world.

2 points

I would have to say Kaka or rolando. They both have great skills and speed that they can almost do anything on the field.

1 point

For those that have been watching the news the pirates have been holding American lives hostage, taking their ships, and than taking it back to the place where they have all the other people and stolen guns, and transportation and starting today they said that they will start to kill the hostages in parts until the demands are met.

1 point

Well your classes are borken up into percentages and the FCAT is broken into 8 section and 9 if you want to count the writing and maybe 10 now with the sicence section that has been added.the thing is that you have to pass each section with a certian percentage and class is a little different they are also borken done to class work, homework, extra credit, and other things so you can do all the things that get assigned and do the extra credit and be ok even if you dont pass the tests.

1 point

It should not for one because it one way discurages a certain amount of student that are not good at taking exams and than it only helps those who are good at taking these type of test. like i know one of my friends has a 4.0 G.P.A and is in the top 5% of the senoir class and yet she has not passed the FCAT becuase it seems to be the only thing she cant do take tests and pass them. So i seem to know that its not fair for people like her, yes sure you may have passed your exams and may not care who eles seems to pass aswell but people who really try and do good in everything eles should not be judged by these test, and the so called good plan of no child left behind only seem to be helping those students that have not been going good in school and teachers just blindly just pass them to the next level knowing that those kids will only be sUffering even more and be more curaged to drop out and not try as hard any more.

As for me i think its that i just type too fast and than i just dont look up and check my spelling after I am done.

1 point

no becuase they only seem to condamn those student with good grades and have the disabilty to be a bad test taker and than for those who have bad grades and are good test taker than they pass, that to me would not be consider fair for all students.

3 points

I say no because for one we wouldn't know what the government would consider suspicious and even if we as people and the government find a way to set a standard of suspicious who says they will keep their word?

And than even if a person looks suspicious who says that they are doing anything of harm to dome one or anything.

1 point

It is better to be fatherless than to have a father because than if you did have the father and he never really did, or help you in any way, you would hate him forever. While being fatherless you have the liberty to think if he was alive he would do this for me, expect this out of me, this would be something he would be proud of, and you might end up doing as you think he wants.

Other wise you might see his face and he might be watching television and you look at him in disgust, ad say thing like you are you my father? What wrong have I done to you that you treat me this way? You are always here and yet you do nothing for anyone but yourself.

It would be better than to be fatherless that way you are able to say this is what he would do for us.

1 point

but dont you think that we need to still need to give him more time as thing are still new to him right?

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