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2 points

I think you saying:

"and not to disrespect our soldiers abroad....... but any healthy young man with an avg i.q and a set of balls can carry a riffle in combat, from a talent perspective........"

Now, that is just uncalled for, they do something for our country, so we can actually do what your doing right now. You have freedom, theres no reason to give them disrespect even though you said "not to disrespect" it wasnt called for. And, another thing millions of young men and women who fight for our country, sadly pass away just so we can have freedom, but No! alot of people believe athletes, actressess, actors, etc. should be paid more.

That ridiculous. There are many people passing away for our country and yet

some still take the side of them being paid less.

And, it does not depend on how rare a person is, a person is a person. It doesnt matter if there 7 feet tall! That doesnt depend on how they should be paid.

1 point

On the last paragraph? Is a perfect point to get by, I find it pretty sad when They get paid more than the president does! and they also get paid more than teachers, doctors, caretakers, etc. in the point im trying to get across here is theres people who can actually help us through life, and they would never become athletes, actors, or etc. If it wasnt for, teachers and etc. But, yet doctors are trying to save lives while others care about watching the game.? something definitely sounds wrong there.

"difference is millions of people don't pay to watch them." as you said.

Just because you watch someone live or on television should not make a difference on whether they get paid millions or not.

And on the second paragraph?

"That is extremely fallacious. Firstly, that's like saying "If someone can stitch things together, they should get paid as much as Surgeons. Secondly, an average person will not be able to hit a 95 mile per hour fast ball. In fact, they will be lucky just to be able to see it."

Anything is possible. Not only that, if comparing someone "stitching up someone, to a doctor" is completely different to what I said.

I said, that if someone were to hit a ball exactly the way a baseball player did it, (and i used the example of 95mph) then, what makes them any different.?

1 point

They do not all require assistance or help while doing there job. Many are actors and actresses, workers and athletes on their own.

1 point

I too, think people should be more sensitive to peole with Down Syndrome because they are amazing people, tbut thats not what i mean.. I mean when peole talk about what schols they should be in, or if they should get paid when they work.

1 point

What do you mean by equal? We really don't need major league sports, and what do you mean bye the degree the world take it?

1 point

If they lower there prices , more people can go, and the market will still be, vibale.

1 point

As someone said before, yes, they should get paid for what they do, but also docors etc. make good money too, and there actually helping people. But for the actresses, actors, athletes, and, singers that is just giving people entertainment, not helping there education or a job, and we dont have to beat a record of a Jamaican runner, or any other athlete, in order to get paid that much!

1 point

I thought he had killed himself too? well, maybe im wrong.. sorry if i am.

anyways, i dont think it really depended on what race he was, and the case had nothing to do, with them being racists to the man who stole the beers, they werent even going to fire him. I think, overall, a murderer is a murderer and he tried to blame it on something that was false.

1 point

I did not Specify wether it was a Girl or A boy, celebrity or athlete.

1 point

I dont think so, because i for one, dont believe in hell, because no one deserves hell.

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