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RSS Hjfox

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While their nuclear program will be hindered, their economy will be allowed to grow. As an enemy of Israel and Saudi Arabia, our most important allies in the middle east, a healthy economy is much more dangerous than a small nuclear program under a dying economy. As one of the biggest sponsors of terror, some of that money will not only go towards opposing our allies, but in funding terror groups that affect the world

1 point

This deal has been hailed as a solution to the problem of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. The means which will achieve this goal, however are much too dangerous. In return for limiting their nuclear program and allowing inspectors into their facilities, we lift sanctions and unfreeze their assets. A healthy Iranian economy is a greater threat to allies in the middle east than nuclear program affected by sanctions. In addition, Iran is a sponsor for terror. Part of that revived economy will no doubt be used for that means.

1 point

I believe bilateral negotiations with North Korea is the best solution out of our options. A preemptive strike would start a war. Doing so in that matter would potentially put the blame for any damage to our allies ,South Korea and Japan, on the US, damaging relations. On the other hand, withdrawing from the Korean peninsula entirely would damage relations because the US has a mutual defense treaty with South Korea.

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