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RSS Hoehoe69

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1 point

look up pizzagate and then tell me she does not deserve to wear orange.

1 point

People in the inner cities, who happen to be racially diverse, have been voting Democrat for years (Over 40) and no change has happened. The thing with democrat politicians is they speak broken promises. On election year they promise you one thing then they abandon the inner cities until the next election.

1 point

Well im sure that as soon as he becomes president he will do a fine job.

1 point

Nope, gives bureaucrats too much control over trade and laws of other nations. Just because it's "here" does not mean we need to be apart of it and the United states won't be anymore. With the election of Donald Trump we will see a quick change in how we represent our self's to the world. America before anyone else it's patriotism and it's good for you :)

1 point

obviously we need black people in order to have black friday otherwise it would be called white friday...

2 points

Where there are gun-free zones you will find the most mass shootings.

hoehoe69(7) Clarified
1 point

Well... you're not wrong so..............................................................................

1 point

Well you wouldn't kill your next door neighbor (Unless you're a psycho) so why would you kill an innocent human? Now if the mother's life is in danger or if you got raped then go ahead and rip it out. Simple...

1 point

Everyone born will get ebola at least once in their life... this is fact not non-fiction.

1 point

Starting with America he will make the world a stronger and more economically sound on the world market. His election alone save millions of lives from WW3 in which Clinton would have started. It's not secret that Putin doesn't like her and favors Trump; he would have gone to war with the U.S. especially if we had no fly zones in Syria.

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