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RSS IMisterH

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1 point

I will most likely kill a bug on sight. I absolutely hate bugs of any kind. I also have arachnophobia so the same goes for spiders, no matter what size they are.

iMisterH(160) Clarified
1 point

I should have clarified myself in my argument. I was referring to the people with well-off lives. People who are fortunate enough to have those luxuries in life and yet still complain. Of course, I am sorry to hear about those who go through all the suffering as mentioned in your argument.

1 point

Even though I am not a pet person, I prefer cats to dogs. Personally, I just find them cuter and less fussy than dogs. "XD XD"

1 point

The internet is extremely helpful, in my opinion. I have learned a lot of things from internet and have found a lot of useful productive information.

1 point

If possible, we should always recycle. I see no harm in recycling if things can be reused for another purpose. And since our limited resources are running out, it seems logical to recycle.

1 point

I can't stand negative people who are always like 'Ugh, I wish I never existed' or 'Life is pointless, why should I exist?' And I am referring to the people who are well-off and have access to most luxuries that some unfortunate people don't.

Like come on, the world is full of opportunities and happiness. There is plenty to do out there and instead of being miserable ALL the time, why don't you see the bright side of things for once? I, for one, am glad that I exist. I am grateful for everything and I have enjoyed many aspects of life such as good food and entertainment.

1 point

No child should witness their parents arguing in front of them. Speaking from personal experience, it is distressing and very upsetting. Parents are supposed to set a good example and fighting is hardly the way to do so.

1 point

What if the birth of the child results in the death of the mother if it goes ahead? If the pregnancy went ahead, the mother would die. Surely it is better to abort the pregnancy and save the mother's life?

1 point

In my opinion, smartphones are VERY beneficial to students. With the latest smartphones out there, students are able to look things up in an instant. This could be useful for when students are doing their homework, for example. Smartphones also allow students to contact other students for help if they need it.

1 point

I am not religious or anything, but I personally believe in the existence of ghosts. With so many claims of sightings, there must be some element of truth behind those claims. There are a lot of pictures of apparitions and recordings of disembodied voices. I've even personally experienced strange things in my life such as a 'force' of some sort pulling on my leg.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Henry 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist

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