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RSS INationGirl

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1 point

I would rather sing karaoke than play mini-golf. Only because I get bored with mini-golf very easily, and always end up cheating.

1 point

I like the idea of having an animal with legs, not that snakes aren't as interesting as lizards, but lizards have legs! Go LIZARDS!

1 point

I would have defined the smug definition of pride, as arrogance as well. We often use words interchangeably, and over time it becomes accepted as an acceptable use of the word. The dictionary is updated daily, to keep up with the everchanging words and phrases we 'make up' or 'redefine'.

2 points

I am not sure if this is actually a word or not, but lethargism! It's more of a feeling, but can still be considered an emotion! My life could be much better off without it!

1 point

Gamers is merely a title for those that enjoy video games vigorously. They take it seriously. Not all gamers are addicted to video games. Dumb asses are addicted to video games, not gamers.

Medical definition of addiction:

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.

LONG STORY SHORT: An addiction is a disease that deals with your brain. It keeps you from rational thought, and makes your body feel as if it must have whatever it is to sustain living. IT HAS TAKEN OVER YOUR BRAINNNNNNNNNNNNN! Run for the hills.

1 point

Gaming CAN be an addiction, but it is not an addiction. Anything can become an addiction - but not everyone is addicted to it.

If you're screaming on the top of your lungs in the grocery store, covering your ears, and demanding weapons, ammo, and to board the doors and windows up, because the droids are coming - then yes, you are addicted, or hopped off LSD.

iNationGirl(28) Clarified
1 point

But it also depends on the percentage of which denomination is actually being surveyed. If every denomination isn't being surveyed equally, it doesn't count. These surveys always crack me up - scientific evidence you say? No, it's biased to those who bothered to even read the poll and take the time to fill it out.

1 point

You can't really say - the amount of charitable acts can't possibly all be documented. Probably about half of all charity goes undocumented. I wanted to give an exact estimate - but couldn't find any reputable data supporting it. Even if there were, how could even calculate that? You would have to knock on every door in the entire world, and survey them to figure out it out. Even then, they won't remember it all - because it isn't documented. A few dollars here, and there - adds up. The amount that Red cross makes from their Christmas donations is in the millions. You know, the little red buckets, with the ladies and men dangling the bells around in front of shops and supermarkets. None of which is ever documented - yet alone, keeping up with what denomination the donator is. And that is only one example, think of all the jars and buckets you've dropped some spare change in to help someone in need. So I honestly don't care - as long as they're donating for worthy causes, I say you all win! Everyone have a heart, it's not a competition.

iNationGirl(28) Clarified
1 point

The statement was referring to what he stated - "superior genetics". Genetics may not play a part in love and affection - and characteristics of the mind and personality. But they do play the part in your physical make up - that's where your evidence comes from. Science has proven that genetics play the part in how tall you will be, the color of your eyes, the size of your feet, etc. Which diseases, and medical conditions you are more prone to. He was saying if the healthier and more able bodied people were to reproduce more - the world would be a better place. But even so, it doesn't mean those healthy able bodied people wouldn't be stupid.

Lmfao, and where do you come off saying that children presume hatred to be love? They aren't robots, they can tell the difference between love and hate. There are mothers that love their children, and their children CHOOSE whether to love them back or not. A child can have a mother that hates them, and still learn love, just as likely as they can learn to hate. The way you are brought up can play a big impact on your life, but it doesn't determine everything for you. If my mother had let her upbringing determine her life for her, she'd be a broke junkie. Not the successful woman she has become. Just like those who have a fortunate upbringing, but make nothing of themselves. The only thing set in stone, is your genetics. Those are determined for you the minute your mother and father get it on - the rest is undetermined.

iNationGirl(28) Clarified
1 point

Let's clarify the meaning of the question - Can something that is inside also be outside at the same time - within the same context.

Sooooo for example - you can tell your son to go outside of your house - but your yard is an fenced off yard. So technically he is outside of the house, but inside of the yard. The two are separate, because he cannot be inside, and outside of the house. You could also argue that he could stay inside the doorway - with half of his body inside, and half of it outside. But it still doesn't count. Because there are parts of his body that are inside, but not outside, and outside, but not inside. SO NEVER! Opposites, are opposites for a reason.

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