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1 point

1. define "hurt". 2. "free" from what...? God's Judgement? perhaps... :3

also does being in this nation make any difference? is this a religious question or a political one?? Morality =/= Ethics

1 point

where can one find intelligent life in this universe? is it on mars? is that we are so determined to get there...?

i get about the same results in real life as i do online, so then...? where should we look??

1 point

so long and thanks for all the fish. don't panic. we now return you to your regularly scheduled echo chambers...

1 point

also the troll in this debate isn't strong enough. you should have gone with a more obvious debate like "why women are emotional but men are reasonable", lelz, i haz an internet

mom, i posted a troll on the interwebz and lots of fishies bit it

1 point

does one have to be logically consistent? nah, cuz humans, that's why!

1 point

sure are lots of bans going on in this thread... is the correct answer to simply agree with what the creator said?? yes mein herr you are always correct. i agree with you. please don't beat me...

1 point

it's actually a well known Scientific Fact that Adolf Hitler was the reincarnation of Donald Trumpf. Mein herr.

2 points

well to be fair, binary is about as simple as one can get.

objective Reality does not depend on consensus (universal or otherwise).

did you observe that phenomena in many species of animals within a social construct...? perhaps

taking life is not considered immoral de facto by many human cultures. i'm not sure what planet you are referring to...???

also, using Man's flawed views of ethics is hardly what we would consider "evidence" of Morality... that would be silly. again just because something can be objective and universally True, does not necessarily mean that thing will be understood and agreed upon in some sort of consensus. can you imagine trying to do your Science the same way??? that would be completely retarded...

iPhi(239) Clarified
1 point

who believes morality is some inherent part of human cognition and not a learned program in the human brain

God hasn't clarified this. and scientists definitely won't be able to discern this. it is reasonable to assume that there is a significant percentage hardwired. the easiest way to test this theory is on subjects who were never instructed. but we still can't rule out self-taught. it is overwhelming taught, which is why it isn't usually debated.

iPhi(239) Clarified
1 point

Please define the difference between morals and ethics.

i'm your huckleberry.

Morality = What God determines as Good or Evil.

Ethics = What Man feels like is nice or bad.

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Tied Positions: No they got stuff wrong! vs. Yep they are 100% correct, QED
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Winning Position: A documentary

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