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RSS Iholland95

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1 point

I think Facebook can allow people to stalk you if you're not careful. Youtube allows you to post your own videos and comment on others and rate them. It's much safer than Facebook

1 point

Yes we do need them. Without them, there would only be limited things we could do to keep ourselves healthy. Vaccines add an extra boost to the only control we have.

1 point

I'm so darn happy that school is finally out. Now I'll be totally honest and say that I'm someone that loves school but it's been a really long year and I'm really happy that it's over. I need a break from all the homework.

1 point

Vampire Diaries has more depth to it. Twilight is just a wimpy movie. There's not much blood-sucking in that movie. Vampire Diaries has a more complex plot and has hotter actors.

2 points

I totally agree that they shouldn't be band. Being unique is what makes the world go round.

1 point

I like youtube. It lets me listen to the songs I want to. I hate the advertisements though....uhhhhhgggg

1 point

My school is going to start block scheduling next year and I'm wondering if any of you have it and if you like it or not and why.

1 point

Bob the builder teaches kids the fundamentals of building while tellie tubbies just yell and play games in there little space ship or whatever you call it

2 points

Youtube is better because you can watch videos and tou can choose what you listen to.

1 point

I think that gay rights are ok. I don't understand what anyone would have against it. It think people that don't respect it are

Questioned for Gay Rights
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Winning Position: School
Winning Position: Why is life important to you? What does it mean to you?
Winning Position: School
Winning Position: Yes it is!!

About Me

"I play flute, piccolo, and piano."

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: High School

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