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RSS Ilyasdj

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1 point

is it true that the torah talks about the coming of a new prophet. has the prophet come yet.

1 point

Well, America invading them is how it can get worse and how it already has got worse. America is rich because it steals oil from other countries with leaders who were appointed or bribed by them. That is how these countries came to be poor in the first place.

Plus all those american bombs landing on property and wiping out crops and livestock.

1 point

So you're telling people to help themselves? good advice for thieves!

2 points

O dear you seem to have forgotten the rest of it repeat after me:BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH.

1 point

Being rude AGAIN! Oh dear, not a good reputation. On the other hand, you do seem to be using milder language. Well done! keep at it and maybe you will get there one day.

1 point

You're missing the point. We're not talking about how you live, we're talking about how, being blessed with a good life, you should try and help the poor and not for get them because you aren't as unfortunate as them.

1 point

There we go, being rude again. Tut tut tut. naughty naughty.

2 points

Yeah, what are these "fatal flaws"...........................................................

1 point

Arabic was created with 28 letters. If even one letter is missing from a sentence the whole meaning is changed.

75% of scientific words originated from Arabic. for example: camera, cesarian.

Child benefit was created by an Islamic leader who was one of the Prophet's (s.a.w) companions.

The numbers you use today were created by Muslims.

Algebra was created by a Muslim-Al Jaabir banu Hiyyaan.

The first aeroplane was made by a Muslim called Abbas banu Farnaas.

1 point

So stone age language was a primitive language. It must be SO easy to translate "ugg" "ugh" and "uugg"

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