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RSS Imrigone

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3 points

They let children that are underage watch porn

It is not as if computers choose to do that, or anything. Besides, there are far worse things in life than porn.

the also waste you time when you could be finding something good to do.

Says the person posting this response on a computer.

And not all things computer related are a waste of time. They can give you information, help you network, get directions, etc. If the person using the computer is wasting their time, that is their choice. Don't blame the tool, blame the user.

they are the source of slang words come on WHAT are slang words.

Well, they are A source. But the swing kids and various ethnic American groups had slang DECADES before computers. Slang will always be there. And so what? What is bad about slang?

ban computer before they take over the world.

They already have. And thing are a heck of a lot more efficient now.

2 points

1.7 mb pdf...further, one that my computer doesn't want to read without downloading another program. I don't think I'd know that if I didn't try.

The text you printed was out of context. It didn't say word one about RFIDs. It simply said details about...something...that was never identified.

Meanwhile your other link simply gave some information about what an RFID is, but not its relevance to this topic.

Also, you are the one making a claim. If you actually give enough of a shit about this to try to warn people, you shouldn't be trying to rely on them to do the footwork to convince themselves. A cut-and-paste would save both parties a lot of time, and help focus the debate further.

2 points

Not everyone likes to download massive PDF's. Though it is good to have the link handy to double-check the context of whatever you would post, it would save a lot of time for both parties if you just show us exactly what you consider to be proof.

2 points

Very well-put and probably accurate .

1 point

Here's a question for you: would you find it hard to believe that it is a series of chemical reactions that cause us to feel hunger?

In that case, it has been known for a long time that humans need energy to function and live, that said energy comes from what we consume, the the energy is finite so we need to keep eating and drinking to keep the energy coming in, that when our reserves of energy are starting to run low, we get hungry, and that even as infants we are programmed to respond to hunger by searching out sustenance. Hunger helps us survive, which is what almost ever aspect of our biology is geared to do.

Emotions are a little different, but they still function similarly. In a really basic sense, emotions either feel "good" or "bad". Good emotions generally indicate that our needs are being met. Bad ones, such as sadness emerge in response to stimuli that may have a detrimental effect on our survival.

They aren't perfectly fine-tuned however. Sometimes things that cause happiness may not be in our best interests. Many things that bring out negative emotions aren't typically life-threatening. But taken in conjunction with our ability to reason, to learn from experience, to observe things empirically and other factors, they help us survive (usually) by inclining us towards or away from certain situations.

What more are emotions but the response to stimuli? And why would this have to be anything more than physics and chemistry in action? What really separates sadness from hunger?

1 point

Yes, but I would recommend not doing so unless you are paying with cash (and know for a fact you have the cash on you). Glitches and downed connections can theoretically render your credit or debit cards temporarily useless. And then you are stuck with a half eaten bagel and no way to pay for it.

1 point

You said choose two, so why not great friend and lover?

At this point in life, I have no desire to have children, so having a spouse who is a great parent wouldn't be too relevant.

imrigone(761) Clarified
1 point

Even if it was a chemical reaction in the brain, we could still not explain what sadness is


There are signs of it, but you understand what it means.

What do you mean by this?

imrigone(761) Clarified
1 point

What do you mean by "empty debates? "

1 point

Sorry, I didn't even see this til now. I can't remember exactly what my mental image of you was, but I didn't expect the piercings, and I think I expected you to look a little older.

No insult at all, I doubt anyone on here looks like I Imagine them to.

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About Me

"I enjoy recreational research and a good debate. Perhaps best known amongst my friends as a lover of music. I am fascinated by dreams. Hope to some day write a novel, but for now I am learning. Cats amuse me."

Biographical Information
Name: Aaron Imri
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: In College

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