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1 point

I didn't say they were a rich country. You do have a fair point there.

I certainly didn't move to the U.S for their health care benefits. LOL. My relocation is temporary while I fix what others couldn't.

1 point

We agree! I'm game for wings - you're paying


1 point

I last checked the census in 2006. It had this to say about ethnic origin and visible minorities

"An estimated 5,068,100 individuals were members of the visible minority population. They represented 16.2% of the total population in 2006, up from 13.4% in 2001"

and regarding immigration

"The 2006 Census enumerated 6,186,950 individuals who were born outside of Canada. They represented one in five (19.8%) of the total population. This is the highest proportion of foreign-born population in 75 years. A majority of the 1.1 million recent immigrants lived in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver. But there were also some signs that newcomers are choosing the smaller metropolitan areas"

My guess would be that in 2011 when the next census is done these numbers will be higher (not lower). One can do their own projections as to how long it will take before you are a minority.

Just as a curiosity - why would you be worried about the outsourcing of U.S jobs given that you are Canadian?

How's this for irony. I'm a Canadian, living in the U.S all expenses paid by U.S company, who outsources to India for cheaper and highly educated labour. Capitalism at it's best!

This has been a fun conversation with and we have certainly digressed from the topic at had. Based on your responses I'm not going to continue this discussion with you. Mainly these responses

"What makes you think I've a mind to change?"

"I will gladly change my mind if I am properly convinced. Chatting with somebody over the internet most likely won't work - it'd take real-live conversation to even have a chance at changing my mind. But even then, you'd have to be somebody I trusted - I trust very few people."

"Along with my distrust for humanity in general..."

"Nobody has that potential. It's just too much power for one nation to hold"

Your views are based on newspapers, TV and accounts from other people. I'd be much more willing to carry on the discussion with you if you had actually travelled there yourself and experienced the culture. Right now I feel your views are too one-sided and immature (not in the childish sense but in the need to actually experience other cultures) to debate with.

I mistakenly thought the reason that one would participate in a site like this would be to look at opposing views and try to come to a middle ground when evidence was presented that is contrary to what one believes in. You aren't willing to do that on this topic. Your response would lead me to believe that you won't do this on any subject. If you ever want to have a discussion with a real "live" person then shoot my a note and we can arrange something for when I'm back home.

So while it's been fun I must say good-bye and good luck to you.

9 points

How about a nation of overweight people? Will they fail as a nation?

I guess we've empowered them a little too much.....eeeek

10 points

What is wrong with those Indian people - they can't even give free health care to 1 billion people. They sure are messed up.

What's funny/ironic about your statement - the U.S can't provide free medical facilities to it's population and it has roughly 1/4 of the people that India does. Based on your logic we should be asking "Why is the U.S so backwards?"

1 point

Education and worth.

Ok - you win. I concede. Worth in India is defined by education. But wait - I disagree. Worth is defined by more than education in India. Yes education seems to be a main tenant along with being able to provide for your family and have pride in what you do.

Western Money

China and India have over 1 billion people each. Japan has 127,000,000.

The U.S has 330,000,000 and all of Europe has just over 700,0000. (numbers from google). So India and China together have double the population of Europe and the U.S. Explain to me why they would possibly need to "export" to western economies?

Why do people in western economies get so excited when China starts buying stuff from them? I hear/read of very few/no reports of China getting worried about the U.S not buying stuff from them. The story i make up is that China just doesn't give a #$%^ about what the U.S is doing. Then again I don't look very hard for evidence to the contrary. If you could present me some facts that would show otherwise - I would appreciate it.

Writing ability

Your logic on the fourth grader argument amounts to "it isn't true because it isn't true". I do apologize for getting into the abusive ad hominem attack level with you. It's just so fun do with people who don't seem to be able to argue both sides. Please accept my apologies.


If you look closely you will see that there are people in India profiting from the western world's desire for cheap labour. Nobody in the western world will do this work because they think it's beneath them.

I've been living in the U.S for 7 months now. I have never seen one white person doing manual labour (lawn mowing, etc). It's all immigrants. So it's easy to see why this work goes to India. They would rather work to earn some money then sit around on their ass and draw unemployment - correction - "Employment Insurance" and/or welfare from the government.

How India is doing the exploiting

In India how about the people that build the factories? Companies that build/run the equipment, phone, fabrics, leather, infrastructure, etc. Think for a little while on they types of things that need to go into a factory like this - regardless of who is paying the wages.

Come back with some ideas on how India might actually be exploiting the West. What I'm asking of you is to try debating the other side - maybe we can work something out to our disagreement and we will both learn something.

1 point

I didn't ask how many official languages they have. I asked how many languages are spoken. quick - do your google search so you can get educated. Especially in a country where you are quickly becoming a minority.

If you haven't been yourself the you've got no first hand evidence. Second hand evidence is at best biased to the person's personal views. Newspapers can be a reliable source depending on who is bankrolling them and what view the advertisers want them to give.

So in your view no place is well designed but India is special. How do you know they are horrendously planned? You are a city planner? You've seen one picture (maybe more depending on your google search) of some power lines and now everything in India looks like that.

What's wrong with getting lost? How do Indian people manage? The must be smart if they can get around without street signs.

My expertise on India. I'm married to a woman who's parents immigrated to Canada from India in the 70s. I have travelled there for work and personal reasons. I have no need for body guards there. People from my office travel there all the time. We have moved people there

I think you could be capable of reading. I don't think you actually can read this book though. You already think it paints India as "perfect" (which it doesn't). Just based on this type of response I can tell your ignorance won't let you read it because you've already made up your mind.

It's fun to watch you try to argue this. You keep proving your ignorance. Please respond.

1 point

Agreed :) Im soo confused. We are both joking ! Now what?

1 point

I applaud you for not using a GPS. I think they should be banned personally.

Let's break apart your response


- You know how to check tire pressure manually using more than one method

- You don't have a GPS

- You think a GPS is safer than a computer to check your oil.

- You put too much faith in your microwave.

- You carry maps with you

What's not clear

- Do you rely on the tire pressure monitor system?

- How frequently do you manually check the tire pressure?

- Why do you put so much faith in your microwave?

- You state there is a reason to believe one computer is safer than another. I think your conclusion is that it's the impact that failure would have on you.

- Along the lines of what of GPS breaking - what would you do if your car did break down?

9 points

Worth is not defined by education.

India has already figured out how to exploit the U.S and other countries. Where are all the jobs in the tech sector? When you call the help desk of a "local" company where does the call get routed to? Somehow this doesn't seem like "manufacturing" to me.

By the time anyone in the "most educated" part of the world clicks in India won't need "western" money. They will have identified other markets.

As I went back to re-read and dissect your post I realized that for someone from "the most educated, richest and most powerful part of the world" that you're writing ability isn't much above a 4th grader. You may have good ideas - although not on this topic. Until you learn how to write properly your country's jobs will keep getting outsourced to India as they exploit the crap out of the "most educated, richest and most powerful" parts of the world.

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