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RSS Infamous84

Reward Points:-1
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1 point

All forms of violence is wrong! weather its domestic or non-domestic violence ?! It doesnt matter what form its classified as its all wrong!! Especially whenever you put a small child in between such violence? this scars small children for life and when they get older this causes alot of problems such as a confused state of mind that causes Depression that links to suicide, drug & alchool addictions, jail or prison incarcerations, emotional problems, and even death!!??

-1 points

I have no respect for the guy who worships with Terrorist-Americans through there same relegious beliefs!! Obama has the same relegious beleifs as Osama Bin Loden for crying out loud!!?? I am 150% Anti-Obama and will be until the end of times!!

0 points

Absolutly not! For terrorist whose relegious belief is to see all Americans dead so they can go to heaven one day!!These terrorist with such beliefs fly two airplanes into the twin towers in New York City and kill thousands of innocent American people!!! These people with such beliefs come back under ten years later and want to build a church on the same grounds in which they performed acts of terror against the American people!! HAHA!!! Are you Serious?? Is this some type of Joke??! oh but Obama who agrees and shares the same relegious beliefs with the people who want to blow us all up says Oh but Muslim beliefs are considered a relegion!!?? So they obviously must have the rights here in America as Terroist-Americans to worship there ungodly beliefs in order to destroy America from the inside out!!?? Wake Up America!! Its time to repair the Busted and broken U.S. Constitution before its to late!!

1 point

Well back in 1492 Christopher Columbus thought the earth was flat, but this was before any type of technology or science existed! Today we can clearly see that the earth is perfectly round like that of a basketball!!!!LOL!!!

-1 points

Every humanbeing has there very own personal feelings and beliefs! one person was brought up being taught that homosexuality is a sin and not to participate ,but other people were not brought up in this manner so they participate!? others were brought up being taught that its a sin, but rebelled against everything they were taught growing up?! As Americans we have the human & Gay rights to pratice such things as homosexuality! we have to simply choose do we participate or not?! Its all up to the person??!!

0 points

Sun beds cook your inside organs and create cancererous effects that could result in death!Sunbeds are fake or an artificial form of sunshine!!theres nothing better than God's natural Sunshine!!

0 points

All government officials are to blame for there cruel way of doing business!!

0 points

Yes we are living in the center of an evil anarchist enviroment! we all are surrounded by evil everywhere we go and there is no escape for anyone!!

1 point

I wouldn't consider it to be called judging anyone! Its rather obvious to see through people by there personal opinions, insight on topics, and there behavior with certain issues!! humans have very strong senses that we use to warn ourselves against others that differ from our own personal beliefs and feelings!

0 points

I refuse to be a homosexual and i will continue to say this until death comes my way!! If i was ordered by the government to become gay i would gladly hand them a gun and with a smile on my face respond with" just go ahead take me out of my misery"!

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