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RSS Infected20

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1 point

Yes. I think money spoils people. It creates a lot of anxiety as well as mental problems in people to get more of it. It also creates discrimination against people with low-paying jobs that can't make a lot of money

0 points

People can still do bad stuff, even after they have been baptized.

1 point

I can't believe anyone would want this to believe. No one should be having sex without another person's permission.

1 point

Baptism won't stop people from becoming murderers. There are many people who have been baptized who have grown up to be violent people and people who haven't been baptized who haven't grown up to be violent and who do good things for the world.

infected20(26) Clarified
1 point

The question isn't talking about that though. It's talking about whether someone fully confirms to the norms of society.

2 points

No. No one likes to follow every single norm of society. Everyone is different.

infected20(26) Clarified
1 point

You realize a pedophile is someone who is 16 or older who is sexually attracted to a prepubescent people who are 13 and younger, and they have to be exactly 5 or more years younger. Most don't even act on there sexual attraction either. It's a disorder not a crime, which I don't have it. Please don't call people names if you don't know them either or I will ban you from my chat.

1 point

Hey, I just wanted to warn you that you are using abelist language. Imbecile is considered ableist. Some people might get offended by that.

1 point

I think they are absolutely silly. I feel like with technology advancing we could easily measure a maturity level with a brain scan. I feel like when it comes out that it would be great. I think we should have a height restriction for everything.

1 point

I believe we should have a height restriction instead since gigantiam and dwarfism exist. It's to prevent abnormally short people from drinking since it can affect their health.

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Winning Position: Yes. It needs to go.
Winning Position: Yes. Why does it even exist?
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: No. Everyone is different.

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