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RSS Isashellbell

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10 most recent arguments.

Yeah, but I'm not here to argue about who's smarter or worthless shit like that, I'm here to argue about whether nice guys ever win, etc.

Ummm, no??? Why would I trust you, in any way? That makes absolutely no sense, and I'm thinking that I'm pretty much done talking with you now...

Since when does "being nice" involve insisting to someone you've never met that you're smarter and that they're a 'fucking idiot'??


Hmmm... I guess, but she can try and try to not care, but some way or another, pressure and blues about looks and stuff will get to her.

Also... being not as physically... athletic... is harder for sports.

Haha. You're certainly modest!

Anyways, I don't care what you say.

I'm here to DEBATE. Not argue, and get insultingly personal with people.

3 points

Hey, if it's their choice, go right ahead!

Anything from their is their fault and their responsibility. If it upsets the parent, too bad for them-- shoulda thought of that when they were being raised.

Alright, unless we've all taken IQ tests, there's no way to measure that.

It only shows that you're meaner, definitely not smarter.

It seems that your technique is to call people idiots just to make them step off and move on to another debate... but it's not proving that you're smarter. At ALL, actually.

You seem arrogant enough to claim that you're the smartest person on earth... but I guess you'll argue that, too. Because since I'm OBVIOUSLY of lower IQ level, I'm PROBABLY wrong, so what do I know? You're right again, mister! Ah, just amazing how that always comes out the same, isn't it? Sweet Bejesus, you're smart, dude!

Congrats, and give yourself a pat on the back.

And while I have no way of knowing, by levels of debating technique, it seems to me that Kinda and I are both smarter than you. And nicer, but we'll never win this debate, because of that! Golly willikers, it sucks to be nice.

So if false is the winning side of the argument... then the mean guys are winning... so the nice guys aren't!

Alright, you win!

Oh hey... what's the name of the argument... hmm.....


I was right. =]

Symbols are quicker. I personally like the "3" with the dot on top of it and the dot on the bottom of it. =]

Tied Positions: yes unless peace comes vs. Oceans Will Save Us

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Meagan Isabelle Beitel
Gender: Dame
Age: 13
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Solomon Islands

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