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RSS Itsnotright

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1 point

I agree with you 100%. I just have to correct you on one thing. The U.S. is not a democracy. We are a Democratic Republic. I have looked up what the difference is about both of them. Both seem to really kind of be the same. But, I do know that it is what was coined when this Government was established.

1 point

NO it is not the Governments fault that this kid is not excelling in his class. It is his parents. It is their responsibility to see that he tries to make better for himslef. Encourage him to do better so he has a better chance. This is being accountable as a parent. The same thing goes for the kid that has everything handed to him on a silver platter. He has no incentive to do better because he knows it will be handed to him. This, however, is the exact same as those that are on already installed Socialistic programs. They know they will get a handout, so they do nothing to better themselves. They just ride on the backs of the people that let it continue. It's just too bad there are so many dead beat parents out there. BUT, instead of forcing others to do things against their will just to make it a little easier for a few, there are alot of programs and associations out there that were formed to help out both parent and child, free of charge. This is called being charitable. And there is nothing in this world that does not allow charity. It is encouraged. I am all for showing someone how to do something so they may be able to do it themselves. But I refuse to give handouts. If you need money, I'll show you how to frame a house, paint, trim out, build cabinets, finish concrete, grow a garden, work on an automobile, or anything else I might know how to do. And while your there, I'll pay you for helping me. But, you will not get something for nothing.

Oh, and I guess that since there is still quite a lot of class based crime over there is due to....What? You know, since wealth is evenly distributed among the people.

1 point

That is what a Constitutional Republic does. Everyone is born with the ability to do great things, on their own accord. It is whether or not they wish to persue their endeavors and bring themselves up out of adversity. We have Socialistic programs in this Country already. They are flawed. Why? There is always someone that wants something for nothing. Those that milk the system. But what does Government do... They create more rules and regulation to try to bandage the wound instead of doing what needs to be done. Set limits on how much and how long these programs can be used. I am not implying they don't have any merit. They were meant as a hand up, NOT a HAND OUT.

As far as your comment about caring for humanity and doing good to others so there might not be poverty. HA. Do you actually believe that? You are either very young or very blind. There is always going to be poverty. For this one very simple reason... This World is full of people that refuse to do for themselves. And, no mater how much you try to help them, they will never, EVER lift their own finger to better themselves. They feed off of those of us that scratch and claw and sweat and bleed to get what we have rightfully earned. Through hard work and devotion. Now, having gotten that out in the open. I'll give you two examples of what I am talking about. 1: Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he can feed his entire village. Open a chain of fish stores, resturants, bait & tackle shops, guided fishing trips. By doing this you have created a basis for competition between the two fisherman. And at the same time, become an example to someone else that might wish to better themselves, so they apply for a job to help, Stay the course, has a job, makes money all the while learning how to fish and one day starts his own business. 2: Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and you just lost a big business opportunity.

But I have a better example of Socialism and it's effects. A boy in college asks his professor why he thinks Socialism does not work. The professor tells the boy that it is better to demonstrate than to simply tell how. So he tells the boy to come by his house later that afternoon, the boy agrees. The boy arrives, goes around back and the professor is sitting in a chair and has placed a bucket by the pool. The boy asks the professor to explain Socialism, he replies he will, but first, take that bucket, get water from the deep end of the pool and pour it into the shallow end The boy agrees and starts transferring water from the deep end to the shallow. After about 5 times the boy asks when he can have Socialism explained to him and the professor again tells the boy to keep dipping into the deep end and pour it tinto the shallow. The boy throws the bucket down, looks at the professor with a very disgusted look on his face and says nothing is getting done, the level of water is staying the same. It is niether gaining nor losing the amount of water. Nothing is getting accomplished. The professor looks at the boy with a smile on his face and says, and that my boy is why Socialism does not work.

2 points

Fisrt off. There are no hate crimes. A crime is a crime is a crime. There are laws on the books that provide punishment for acts of malice towards another person. Hell, any type of action that infringes upon the basic human rights of any individual. That is called the Law of the Land. The only difference is that some tree hugging hippie, liberal, bureaucrat knew they could make some money off of the exploitation of a certain individual. And thus has gotten WAY out of hand. If I walk up to someone and break their neck, they are just as dead. The only difference is that they might have been gay. Or black. Either one. It is still murder. Their Ethnicity or choice of sexuality is of no consequence. Except for someone with an agenda. And as I stated earlier, exploits it for their own monetary gain.

2 points

You can't choose to be black or not. Unless of course you were Michael Jackson. Gay is a choice. A lifestyle. You are not born gay.

1 point

So, you are initially saying that you are willing to infringe upon another persons right to do with their life as they wish? Wha difference does it make to you? Are they personally infringing upon YOUR rights? How about just going that extra mile and making it illegal to be a fast food joint. People know that regularly eating at these places is not good for them, yet they continue to do it. Other drugs are illegal because 1: they are hallucinagenic. 2: the Government wants there cut. 3: they are highly addictive. I know of no-one that has had a couple of drinks, or used tobacco a couple of times and niether overdosed, became addicted, or jumped off of a building because they thought they could fly, or walked into oncoming traffic because they thought they were invincible. But I agree with you on the fact that prohibition only makes thing worse.

-1 points

This is not an easy question to answer. There are many things that need to be considered. First, the Bible implicates that God made man. Which He then formed a set of rules that were to be obeyed. The rules were ignored and such is why we have what is called Original Sin. We are born into a tarnished society. My point being, the thought of at least some sort of Religion has been cemented into our minds from our parents. And there parents, and so on and so on. All the way back to as far as you ant to go.The thing is this. When did that one parent(s) decide to not instill in there child a strong set of morals. Even at that, there are so many things in this society that still point to a higher set of morals. Take our Constitutional Government for example. Being a Republic, Of the People, By the People and For the People. It was founded on the principles of Christianity. Respecting others Rights. Treating others the way you wish to be treated. But, I guess if the question was stated as, "If there were no such thing as Religion, would or could man live a moral life". No-one knows.

2 points

So in essence you are saying that if some regulatory regime tries to confiscate what is legally mine, or make me change my political view I have to fight back with a flintlock? I don't know how many times I or anyone else has said this but, the only thing criminal about a criminal is that they are in fact a criminal. The LEGAL citizens of this country, the Law abiding LEGAL citizens are not the problem. If I choose to spend the thousnads of dollars neccesary to get the FFL needed in order to spend thousands of dollars on a fully automatic weapon, it is my choice, my right. Also, if I have passed the mandatory background check implicitly indicating I am indeed NOT a criminal and of sound mind, who are you to say I have to wait a few days to be able to buy a gun. Here's a little brain buster for you. How could having to wait a couple of days to have your gun in hand effect a woman that has been recieving threatening statements and actions from an ex-boyfriend/husband, or whoever? Fill out a restraining order. You know as well as I do that if someone is intent on bringing violence on another human being, they will do it, no matter what the laws states. That is why they are criminals.

2 points

I just wanted to make it clear on here to all that do not know or understand what types of legislation have been drafted in the past. Yes, there have been attempts to serialize the bullet itself, along with micro stamping the primers and casings, but to no avail. It is entirely too expensive and counter productive. Also to say the least, not at all effective in thwarting criminal activities. Here in the U.S. we have Californias' righteous to thank for that beligerate attempt.

1 point

I prefer the Liger, half lion, half tiger, they are a mystical creature you know.

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