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RSS Izazovnog

Reward Points:322
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Are you a theist, or an atheist? I will not respond untill you answer. If you are a thesist, what are your beleifs?

1 point

Actually, a group could be presuring you while running from a car.

2 points

Actually, they can. Remember, I am not arguing it is allway's harmful, I am arguing it is not allway's useful. Now, sopose a car is coming across the road, if you are under presure, you may fall over, and become unfocased, however, if you are not, you won't, and will dodge the car in time.

Another example is education, most people do better when not under presure.

Now please look at the debate topic.

1 point

Not exactly, the fittest does not win. Nor does the most psyically skilled win.

The one who wins, is who has the best mental capacity.

1 point

Sorry, but like it enough you are a thesist. You can not be a atheist. You would beleive in no diety. You are a theist because you believe in a diety.

1 point

Yes, a theist is the belief in any number of diety's. You are a theist.

izazovnog(322) Clarified
1 point

I wasn't intending to show my arguement. I wanted to avoid getting into a lengthy debate. I still go one this site, but I now spend more time on

1 point

I personely supourt this side, however feel free to post your arguement

1 point

Yes, the man has still got himself drunk, and therefore the action comes from the wrong of the man.

Also, how is it sexist?

1 point

You may want to read your own comment. Make it more clear.

Now, the man is still guilty. He is to blame for getting himself drunk.

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About Me

"I enjoy logical, and philisophilcal, and creative arguements."

Biographical Information
Name: George Harris
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Postal Code: Unkown
Religion: Christian-other

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