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1 point

They should because in the wild they will most likely become extinct while in zoos they can still be in their own habbitat but be safe from captors and animals who find them as prey.

1 point

Yes they are. Not all of them do but most of the do.

I am a teenager and I prefer reading to computer games or videogames but literally all the rest of the people in my class don't read apart from books they have to read from the school library.

1 point

Of course there is, think of it. People have been believing in heaven/hell for thousands of years longer than atheists believed there wasn't.

Plus how can people believe that once your dead there is nothing else. Do you have no hope at all.

1 point

Look we aren't puppets to God, people who believe in God have their own free will to do what they want, they just read and pray twice aday for not that long(less that 5 minutes prayer and 10 bible). They don't take drugs or alcohol, get tattoes, kill, lie, worship statues although Catholics do and so one. Really a Christian life is considerably healthier and a real good christian should be really pleasant to meet.

1 point

No of course not, look there's a saying must women use. The best men are either gay, dead or taken or well something like that anyway.

Basically a lot of men are selfish but a lot of men aren't.

Its very prejudice to say all men are selfish pigs.

1 point

Look in Maths and English people do take favourites but those are people who do good, Maths and English can be helped but if your not good at sports then your not good at sports.

Plus you don't have to run around in shorts and t-shirt embarrising yourself if you have really hairy legs or if your fat in English and Maths plus by the way loads of people who hate PE would rather do 10 Maths and 10 English than 1 PE. SO your point is NOT valid.

1 point

PE is stupid in schools, it doesn't help at all for obesity. Plus people who are not good at PE just get bullied and blamed for failure of a team. I know I am. I'm really bad at football and rugby which is what everyone in my class love apart from one person but at least he's good though.

Also shorts shouldn't have to be worn in summer, people are embarresed by their legs for various reasons like hairyness, fat or too thin.

I have saw some people fail at their studys because of a fear of PE.

Its very unfair and espeacially since you don't get any qualification for the compulsory PE only the optional full course version.

1 point

Cats are one of the most smart animals, including us. Plus dogs are in the bottom.

Its is scientifically proven that cats are smarter, have better smell, hearing and taste.

1 point

Yea it was there land originally and before the colonisers came the land was war free apart from the occasional fight between tribes. Plus the land was basically disease FREE. Also the land was just taken off them, literally. They deserve their land back.

1 point

It wasn't terrorist attack. Look the facts are lots of people heard explosions in the basements, people said that they were blown of there feet in the basement and there was something about a fire or something like that before the planes hit. Also loads of people who had evidence died suddenly.

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