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RSS Jamesbody

Reward Points:166
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1 point

has to engage it's OBC

Oh, that would frighten you wouldn't it, boy? If I got engaged to OBC. There would be no rock under which you could slither away and hide from justice.

jamesbody(166) Clarified
1 point

Thanks so much for your kind questions. I really appreciate when people actually debate properly, respectfully questioning the other's opinion!

Translation: I really appreciate it when people, for their own personal and/or political reasons, do not call me out on my ludicrous, demented, seventh century bullshit.

1 point

You do know you can move money around to maximize your profits in a down market.

Absolutely. And Bernie intends to move the money you have been stealing from hard-working Americans for the last 200 years, downmarket back into the hands of the people who earned it.

Does that frighten you, boy? What will you do when you have to answer for your thievery and corruption before a court of law?

1 point

I'll save you lovely people the trouble of looking Dnesh Dsouza up on Google.

Dinesh Joseph D'Souza is an Indian-born American author, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist, often described as a far right political provocateur

In July 2017, D'Souza published The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. In the book, D'Souza asserts that the 2016 Democratic Party platform was similar to the platform of the Third Reich. The statement received media attention in 2018 when repeated by Donald Trump Jr.. PolitiFact gave the claim its "Pants-on-Fire" rating

Historians refuted the assertion, with University of Maryland historian and Barack Obama critic Jeffrey Herf saying, "There is not the slightest, tiny sliver in which this could be even somewhat accurate."[51] In another review of the book, historian Nicole Hemmer of the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs wrote, "For a book about secret Nazis, The Big Lie is surprisingly dull ... The Big Lie thus adds little to the no-you're-the-fascist genre on the right".[52] New York Times columnist Ross Douthat criticized the book, saying it was a "plea-for-attention" by D'Souza, and that the author had "become a hack". Douthat further stated, "Because D'Souza has become a professional deceiver, what he adds are extraordinary elisions, sweeping calumnies and laughable leaps."[53]'Souza

1 point

Nom is incapable of admitting Churchill despised Islam

Why would Nom "admit" something which isn't true?

When you sit here all day literally posting Nazi propaganda in Hitler memes then you can't expect anybody who is sane to take anything you say seriously.

He might have been a staunch protector of the British Empire, but the British Prime Minister had a love of the Orient and Islam

1 point

Nazi propaganda. The caps lock doesn't help you either.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party was a far-right political party in Germany

The anti-Bolshevik motif was central to the Nazi Weltanschauung ('world view'). The movement had created an environment in which Communists, together with Jews, formed the main target of Nazi propaganda and violence. propagandagallery06.shtml

You keep posting Nazi propaganda Bronto, and I'll keep exposing you for exactly what you are.

-1 points

"Hitler used Socialism to get the left to follow him."

Nice fake quote there Adolf. Got any more?

2 points

Very dense indeed.

Correct. I am reminded of the time you spent four days steadfastly denying that the Iraq War was illegal. The bottom line is that you have never, not once, ever, admitted you are wrong. And the reason for that is because you are a moronic, dishonest, pathologically narcissistic halfwit.

It’s impossible to know what exactly you fail to understand about “an immediate family member with a known clean history

No, what is impossible to understand is why you are seemingly unaware of the dimension called time. People are only CRIMINALS after they are CONVICTED OF A CRIME. Hence, Ted Bundy (and millions of others) who either murder or fantasise about murdering are able to legally obtain a firearm. What you have actually written here is a total contradiction of itself, since you say a background check (which checks whether your history is clean) should not be performed on an immediate family member with a known clean history!! It's paradoxical gibberish.

If Bundy has a clean record, then he would pass a background check

Well congratulations. You got there in the end mate. Pat yourself on the back.

and his brother commits no crime in passing him a gun


If bundy has a record, then his brother knows it, and breaks the law in passing Bundy a gun.

NO!! If Bundy DOESN'T TELL his brother about his record, then his brother can pass him the gun and argue he had a known clean history.

You should probably shut up now. Which I believe is your cue to write me ten thousand words.

jamesbody(166) Clarified
2 points

You should try to understand that I literally shit things out with a higher IQ than you

His other points might be shaky but I can definitely testify to this. His shits are enormous.

2 points

your proving this

You might want to learn to spell words before you try debating people. Just an FYI.

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