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RSS Janrodriguez

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Although I would like to say no, since we all text, I do think that texting has an adverse effect on our ability to write and talk proper. For example, when we are writing in class we begin forgetting to capitalize, to use punctuation, how to spell, and so on. When we talk we start talking in slang instead of in proper English. The whole reason for this is because we let the phone do the work for us.

2 points

I think the government should not be able to secretly monitor suspicious individuals. Just because someone seems suspicious doesn't necessarily mean they are doing something against the law. For example, I remember when I got pulled over by a cop I was driving at speed limit and everything, but the only reason he pulled me over was because he had seen me parked at the gas station and to him I seemed suspicious. However, I was really up to nothing bad. Therefore, I think that just because someone seems suspicious it doesn't guarantee they are and if, in fact, they aren't up to anything bad then the government would be taking away their right to have privacy. In addition, I believe that it's the government's job to protect us and keep us safe, but if they need to secretly monitor someone to do it then maybe they are just not good at what they do and they have to monitor people to make their job easier.

6 points

I think it's better to have a lousy father then to be fatherless because, in my opinion, most dads are lousy in some way. For the most part, dads just go to work and then sleep or watch tv for the remainder of the day. My dad, for example, there are times when I hate him and I think he's a lousy father, but when it comes down to it he is my dad and i love him. If I didn't have a father I wouldn't be able to say that and I would probably spend my whole life trying to find out who he is anyways! I rather know who my father is, even if he is lousy, then to not know anything about him at all.

If my spouse committed murder I wouldn't turn him in, because when you get married you promise to stay by your spouse no matter what. Plus, without my husband it would probably be harder for me to pay all the bills. The only reason I would turn him in would be if he just killed that person for no reason. In that case I would turn him in, because that means he could, just as easily, one day decide he wants to kill me and my life is more important then having someone to pay the bills.

Although Shakepeare was around many years ago, he continues to be one of the best writers. Therefore, I think his works should continue to be studied at the high school level so we can learn from the best.

2 points

Obama should be the next president, because he wants to help students who aren't able to afford college. He sees that by going to college alot of people go into debt, because of loans. Mccain on the other hand, is going to keep things the same. Therefore, I think Obama should be the next president.

If a wealthy and a poor person walk into a store, for example, the wealthy or better dressed person is, for the most part, going to be treated better, because the workers know they would be able to buy more then a poor person would. This proves that it's better to be wealthy, because along with wealth comes respect. Therefore, it's better to be wealthy.

One way for us to show our creativity or express ourselves is through how we dress, but how are we gonna be creative if they give us a dress code!?!Although it is understandable we need a dress code, the school over does it by giving us alot of set of rules about how we dress.So yes, school does kill our creativity.

I think that students should not recieve a ticket if they do not leave an event within thirty minutes, because if they paid for that event and they want to stay there then they should be able to decide what they want to do. Even if it's not the most bright decision, if something were to happen to them, they would be held responsible for their own actions.

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