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RSS Janth22

Reward Points:10
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

Its about maturity, many people do not have it which questions their authority to handle tobacco

1 point

NO >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

they are life forms aswell

1 point

They are in a different league, it would make more sense to compare champions leagues of RECENT where MUFC have been stronger

1 point

Manchester Utd continue to defy the odds and achieve highly whilst only spending 20-30 mil a year while madrid go through managers and players like its going out of fashion

1 point

Yes, it is important to have an array of sports and it would offer the opportunity for other countries to strive to learn new sports

2 points

in a relationship you feel compassion for someone and it is an experience that being single can't offer.

2 points

a good keeper can make an average defence look good, michel vorm anyone?

1 point

cavemen, the first people ate meat and how can we argue againstthat

0 points

meditation helps relax the mind and involve no competition, PE can bring stress and competition

1 point

the media have large networks than can easily corrupt the minds of people, they can spread rumours very quickly

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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