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I would just like to say that I've grown up with my mom in one house with her husband, and my dad in another house with HIS husband. I would MUCH rather live with my dad and his husband, for they are better parents than my mom and stepdad. That's beside the point, though. What i'm actually saying is, how is growing up with two same sex parents going to mess up a child's mentality? I believe it messes with the child's mentality when he grows up with only ONE parent, or two divorced parents, making a child switch houses every week, as I do. I can honestly say that switching houses every week has hurt me more mentally than my gay dad ever has. As long as you are getting a proper raising, unlike you have, sir or ma'am, it really doesn't matter if your parental unit is gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transexual, transgender, or any other LGBT+ lifestyle. You are wrong.

"Abortion is stupid. All these* chicks that have abortions are stupid."

First of all, check your spelling before an argument, always.

Second of all, saying abortion is stupid isn't helping your case at all, because you show no evidence that proves abortion is 'stupid'. How can you prove that abortion is stupid, which means "having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense". Doesn't really prove much, buddy.

Thirdly, All these "chicks" having abortions could be having them for many reasons, once again it doesn't prove they are in any way stupid. They could just not be able to take care of the child, they could be financially unstable, the baby daddy could have forced them, the dad could be abusive, they could be druggies. You never know. Saying someone or something is stupid just because you don't agree is bias. Try and look on all sides of the fence before picking a side, buddy.

0 points

I believe abortion should not be banned for only a couple reasons: 1) If you ban abortion, the only thing you'll be doing is lowering 'official' abortion rates, but you'll be raising back-alley abortion rates. Back-alley abortions usually only happen when abortion is illegal in that mothers country or state, or when the mother doesn't have enough money to have an official abortion. Or 2) The mother's health is involved. The mother's health is always involved, but the decision must be made upon a life or death situation for the mother. If the baby is threatening the life of the mother, then it's mom's choice of an abortion or not. Banning abortion will not make 'murder' rates decrease, it will raise many others.

What he said. Water itself is not wet. It's a descriptor of our experience with water. What happens to us when we come in contact with water. We, or our possessions, get wet.

God, how are YOU so stupid??

Personally, I don't think we should, because that month allows us to celebrate every african american leader that lived before us and that will live after us, but that being said, I'm afraid some people take that holiday to offense. I've read debates where many people say "Why do african americans get a whole month of recognition?" or "I feel like by creating a black history month, they are mocking us, making us only feel special for one month our of a whole year. Shouldn't black leaders and politicians get everyday recognition just like white leaders or politicians?" And quite honestly, that last one does make a bit of sense.

2 points

Islam is not equivalent to terrorism! Just like Christianity is not equivalent to the KKK, although it did originate from Christian roots, that's not what Christianity or society is about today. It's bias to say the country where terrorism 'originated' makes every person in Islam or that country a terrorist.

2 points

Love is love, no matter what gender you decide to fall in love with. We are just people. We are more than our race, our gender, our shape and size. Who cares who we decide to love and spend the rest of our lives with? It's our choice, and I believe the only way anyone is going to get past today's society is to accept everyone, no matter what they do, what they are, or what they want.

2 points

I agree and disagree, because marching band does use physical gifts, along with musical gifts to outdo other bands. When in a marching competition, the band gets graded on music, marching technique, stance, and many other things that do involve physical etiquette. But each band gets graded on a 1-5 scale, 1 being superior, and 5 being fire your band director. There are many steps to decide who wins a marching competition, and it's frankly too much to type.

I do not. Why? Because people online tend to act smarter, especially in debating sites, to make their point clear. They probably don't act like that in real life.

2 points

hey, I was just answering his question. no need to get all rude

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