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1 point

First, what is the iPad? It's an oversized iPhone (or iPod Touch) without the ability to call people.

This goes back to the "Shreddies Diamonds" commercial, by not changing the product the slightest bit but pushing a huge marketing campaign surrounding the product people actually think something new has been created.

The sad truth is that people are way to gullible and don't see that these companies are great at marketing and that very little actually goes into R&D;.

1 point

What does "a keen scientist" mean exactly?

Considering that I'm actually studying Physics at a University Level, does that constitute "a keen scientist"?

Your argument is quite flawed. A technology working does not imply complete and total understanding of a technology. Think about this logically for a moment: did we understand the effects of radiation before creating radio transmitters/receivers? No. Did we understand the effects of fossil fuel burning before running gas-powered cars? Again, no.

My argument isn't that Nuclear Power doesn't have the potential to be the way forward; but that it lacks a fundamental understanding in order to be a clean and safe alternative at this point in time.

The facts speak for themselves: we have no long term plan to deal with the waste generated by these facilities. It's pretty simple.

Also, running around telling people you are "a keen scientist" doesn't mean anything. "Finding this insulting" is just plain stupid.

1 point

Come to Canada, talk to me after you've seen when public health care truly is.

And besides, in my view, the role of Government is to offer the services that would be unprofitable to any public/private corporation and that are deemed necessary by the community at-large.

1 point

Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama.

But not you. You can't spell.

2 points

Arguing is fun, if done right. I enjoy all arguments Religious, Political, Philosophical, they all required the defense of a certain stance, and contain the ability to change stance.

As long as the rebuttals are intelligent, I'm good either way.

2 points

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." -Gandhi

Those of us who, even slightly, adhere to Catholicism are taught to "forgive and forget".

Although we can seek forgiveness, the best approach (according to the church) is allow God to make any final judgments. Simply turn the cheek.

1 point

Although I do agree the Cost of the system and wages for the average citizen are the problems, I have to disagree with how to fix them.

With many of the problems of our time, they come from either extremely lax regulation or no regulation at all. This is an extremely sad statement on human nature.

The another (unmentioned) part of Socialism is that society helps you when your in need. Sure the Baby Boomers are going to be literally siphoning money out of the US tax payer, I know they are in Canada. But what happens when you reach that age? Are you going to be able to pay medical costs? Are you going to enjoy paying medical costs?

It's a tit-for-tat situation. Sure your covering the costs of others now, but someday others may be covering your costs. And I'm pretty sure, unless your secretly Bill Gates, you, nor your family, have an infinite money source.

0 points

First punctuation is something to be learned. Second stereotypes and racism tend not to created strong arguments.

"[...] gets its hands into old hillary tired it failed this will fail too obama get your cotton picken hands out of it and create jobs [...]"

Public Health Care means government regulated Health Care, prices are tightly regulated, costs are tightly controlled. Because it is government regulated, one, Jobs are created and, two, Job security is created. You can have many Jobs, but you would probably prefer to have Job security.

And in case your confused; Job Security means that I don't have to stand in an unemployment line every couple of months. It also means I can read and write.

1 point

Being from Canada, I can tell you first hand the pros (and cons) of Public Health Care.

I can tell you that because Health Care is free for everyone (this is a generalization, actual costs vary by province (or territory)), one, I break my arm and call an ambulance without a very strange bill appearing later. Two, the financial burden of Health Insurance is taken off the plates on the individual families, many of whom could not afford it. Instead Health Care is paid for through the province in which you reside. Should you want Private Health Care, it is available.

I can also tell you that often Hospitals are backed up. Not enough staff is usually the case. Lots of the infrastructure (buildings, etc...) are getting older, and may not be being maintained effectively. This is a typical effect of placing, one, health care costs on a single party and, two, in the hands of elected officials. Often the budget doesn't allow for many of the things that are required by the Ministry of Health, or the politicans charged with making decision don't understand the pros and cons.

All in all, I would not change the system, just amend it. Socialism (one of the governing philosophies in Canadian politics), allows for the freedom of the individual while taking care of the needs of the community. Any person in the Province of Ontario (for example) has the right to education, health care, etc... And the province provides these rights to the province. Education is free until Grade 12, and Health Care is almost always free.

1 point

"6.7 million Americans out of work, 12 to 20 million Illegal aliens at work in our country. You do the math."

I have. Dare I say it, there are Americans out of work with no intentions to return. Many others have psychological issues, barring them from adapting the lifestyle.

"The argument for uncontrolled immigration was 'they do the jobs we don't want to do and if we kick them out it will hurt our standard of living'."

That's not necessarily true. In fact that could even be considered a tad elitist.

"We need the jobs now and they server no purpose any more. Let them go work hard at home where they can help raise the standard of living of their own countries."

Besides the spelling mistake (serve), the reason why they came here in the first place is that either they can't find meaningful work at home or the work they can find does not support the family they have.

Again, dare I say it, Part of the reason for the low standard of living within "their own countries" is the actions of many of our ancestors, and our continued ignorance to their negative effects. The Fact of the matter is that European (and even American) Colonialists settled many areas, without permission. They began to profit off of those areas, and when they finally left, left social chaos and a lack of natural resources.

The Americans and the British (French and Spanish by proxy), have been among the worst for this profiteering. We have, one, created huge countries on Native lands without permissions and do not show them even the slightest "thanks", and, two, Countries we once occupied have become overcome with corruption and anarchy. Proofs? Somalia (as well as other African Nations), Lots of South America, and Most of the Middle East.

I say "We", because I am of Scottish Ancestry (part of Great Britain), and do understand the negative effects of the choices of the country of my ancestors; as well as my current nation. I try not be ignorant to the global poverty our ancestors caused.

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"Computer Science. Awesomesauce. Philosophy. Can be fun. Mainly BS Speculation. Politics. Bullshit."

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