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1 point

It cracks me up that so many of the responses in support of Palin being the right choice, indicate it was brilliant political strategy. Can you people not even step far enough outside the box to realize Palin is a 73 year old heart beat away from holding the highest political office in the land? What kind of political strategy is it to say "My judgment is lacking to the point of choosing Sara Palin as my VP"? Seriously, I'm trying hard not to be condescending. She may be a great person, hell she may even be a Maverick. But so far the moose hunters is nothing more than McCain's hunting dog. She's being used and it not smart enough to realize it. If McCain was serious about her, why didn't she know his campaign pulled out of Minnesota the day after it happened until a reporter asked her about it? Sound like she's part of the group to you? I don't want a president who's willing to pull these kind of stunts at OUR expense!!!! Get REAL!!!!

4 points

If you want an egocentric madman in charge, then McCain's your man. If you want someone who's thoughtful, intelligent, motivational and sincere...then you definitely don't want Palin. I'm a registered independent and have simply gotten to the point that I won't discuss politics with anyone who's never voted contrary to their political party. What this election year has shown is that there are many people willing to sacrifice this country's future for the sake of loyalty to a party affiliation. I'm grateful to anyone who's served in America's military (my cousin was killed in Vietnam and I have a nephew in Iraq today), but I think it's a damn shame that their sacrifice and honor is of so little consequence that regardless of the reality of this election, there are those that refuse to acknowledge the facts and resort to inciting violence and hatred towards a candidate. Christopher Buckley is a hero, not McCain.

1 point

McCain's about as grandfatherly as a Kodiak is cuddly. He's angry because becoming President would trump Daddy's and Granddaddy's Admiral in the Navy status, but they're not around to use their clout to get him the job. His judgment is obviously flawed as evidenced by his choice for V.P. and then there's the obvious risk of him having a heart attack and falling on the poor kid.

1 point

Punishment should fit the crime. Length of prison sentence should reflect the degree of offense, i.e.; flashing a teenager = 10 years, sexual assault on a 8 y.o. = life in prison. The kicker is prior to release from prison, the perps should have the initials S.O. tattooed on their forehead, and a GPS implant.

4 points

I think people are voting for Obama because of the Republican's primary argument against him... that he's too inexperienced. The last thing we need in the White House at the moment is another seasoned bureaucrat. What experience is he lacking? What do we as taxpayers believe he should have learned from the last 8 years other than what not to do? I don't think people vote out of spite, hell people hardly show up to vote out of duty and privilege. It's time to wake up and start making our elected officials accountable again. Their actions should put the best interest of the nation before their interest in making money for themselves and their buddies. Who wants to bet that George W takes a fat salary job with a major oil company and that Cheney goes back to work for Halliburton almost immediately after the inauguration?

3 points was sarcasm. I left out 9/11 by mistake. Maybe that wouldl have made it clearer.

-3 points
2 points

Can you name another crime for me?

1 point

Joe -

I think you make my point when you say "even a bulimic gets the urge to eat". I would say, "even a submissive gets the urge to control". A submissive individual is unlikely to react and therefore wouldn't be a valid cause in the argument of "Why can't we all just get along?" Unless you're attempting to change the argument to "Why can't any of us (except those in control of submissive's) just get along, I stand by my original claim that the reason we can't "All" get along has to do with our individual need to feel as though we possess power of others.

1 point

Because next to our need to procreate, eat and sleep comes our need to feel powerful and that need can't be satisfied without someone else being made to feel less powerful. And some folks just don't like to be told they have a small penis.

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