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RSS Jeff

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5 points

I think the issue runs deeper than someone being able to add 1 vote or multiple votes.

CD Team, please take Digg's comment system as a GREAT model for what to strive for. Some issues that I see with the basics of create debate are:

1. opposing or agreeing to an argument should not have any ambiguity to it at all. There have been many times where I agree with an argument that is on the opposing side, but if you don't look carefully and support that argument, you are actually supporting that entire side and not just the argument.

2. make voting up and down not anonymous. Again, similar to digg, you should display if any of your friends have voted up or down an argument. Right now, it's totally anonymous and doesn't present any consequences to the public about if you're "running up the score" as one debater mentioned in this debate.

3. Derecola asked for this, not sure if it's in the works, but please grey out or indicate which arguments I've already voted up or down. It's very annoying to not know what I've supported if I find out that there's debate activity on my debate.

4. put in a "sort by most popular" argument within a debate.

2 points

much better, but it looks kinda broken for a 2 sided debate...

1 point

definitely, it's annoying to not know what i've voted on or not.

3 points

Actually this is a feature removal request. The address book feature should not reveal the email addresses of your allies/enemies that you've made on This is a privacy issue and should be resolved sooner rather than later.

1 point

I find it confusing when I want to reply to an argument by opposing or favoring an argument. So when you're favoring or opposing a particular argument, it's not the actual argument, but the side that it's on? I'd like to see it changed to opposing a particular argument and not the entire side.

0 points

If robot is a robot, it looks like he's beating us humans!

3 points

-permalink for each argument within a debate

-sort by most votes option

-an easier way to see what activity was on my debate rather than re-reading an entire thread.

3 points

Another type of debate, but actually more like a poll. Currently if you want to have more than 2 options, it's impossible, and it leads towards just a comment thread. You don't know what argument won, and what lost - so the solution could be for the debate creator to have 3-5 or whatever options instead of it just turning into a comment thread.

1 point

I don't read it anymore, she got too damn annoying.

3 points

Your argument would be relevant if that were actually Julia.

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Winning Position: Yes, they're so made up
Winning Position: Yes, I'm Losing Track!

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