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RSS Jerbear

Reward Points:118
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Wow I almost missed it and transgender are the same thing you stupid shit .....a dude likes putting docks in his mouth and butt he goes to a Dr and says I want to try and trick more dudes into putting dicks in my mouth and butt the hatch a plan to Frankenstein this man into a she beast he can hopefully have more cocks ....where was I wrong on this you simple shit

1 point

Ok I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you ....the e=mc2 is bullshit science designed to trip you people that's why it's so popular it's the cheese whiz of what the fuck causes this shift against impact when you impact son thing it moves with impact...second no way to calculate the speed of a proton in those days ...and if they moved that fast guy why did the world build a several hundred billion dollar excellarator to speed up to the speed of light particles smaller than a proton .....junk fucking science and math and your just smart enough to memorize it but to stupid to see the smoke and mirrors this sight is useless ....Google the LHC then come back and try to explain the epic failure of every single math equation they presented in the last hundred years people are fucking goofy

1 point

A man following a female child into a bathroom is evil you idiot ....a father protecting his daughters innocence is honorable. ...and the gay manifesto was NOT satire again you idiot ....again asexual usually means that when to things meet under harsh conditions one of them can change its orientation toaid in rreplication. ...under harsh conditions. ...again you idiot ...and I got the name jerbear because when I was a younger rowdy man I could wrestle two wrestlers at once and win ....and not wwf. ..real wrestling ...and I was insanely strong ...I curled the back of a Ford ranger once just to show off ...I'm not a retard any time you want to have a third party give us a quiz on polynomials or fourth dimension math comprehension you just give me a jingle .....oh and we can start with easy fourth like the volume of a closed tesseract

1 point

I wish not one of you people would live in this Babylon society and perish I try and I try to reach you but if you won't listen and you won't think for yourselves and you won't at least admit science evolves it is and never will be solid and this by definition means it is open for bias .....just like the church today you think I'm hard on gays my papers and things I write the churches....they will be in hell right next to the gays .... it is a sad day coming everything you people eat sleep think and believe is a total pack of lies ...ask yourself this ..if Satan worshippers and Christians have the same rituals on the same days ....then maybe up isn't up and down isn't down live in a matrix.....designed to enslave you from birth to death....I want to free people but .....most of you simply love the matrix and won't leave ...this is the church ...they love the matrix. ...this is intellectuals they love the matrix. ..a and so on and so on ...think of the pyramid the people at the top know all that is under them but you people on the bottom layers only see and hear what is put on top of you smothering any possible veiw point from any other layer or perhaps a veiw from outside the pyramid. ....this is I I do not belong in your pyramid so I see clearly. if you want to be free just follow me I can show you the door but it is up to you to open it ....I'm tired of the matrix. ...I'm tired of trying to save you people even though you feel in your gut things are a little off and you don't know why ....

1 point

Bottom line ....the lines are forming good and evil have you ever read the gay manifesto. ....probably not what those people presented to the Senate as there ultimate goal....your a under informed person you understand physics.....or biology. ...we as a species replicate male and female just like all things from fruit trees to whales ....the entire earth self replicates in this fashion .....being gay is a tumor in the replication process. ....period ...they are a threat to the species .....your a fool you don't know the father heard and miss quote some random self gratifying verse and say you know know nothing people barf up spook science that doesn't hold up and pat each other on the back for hailing satan...I don't hate anyone btw I just know more than you .....if you see a dog get ran over and it's guts are hanging out would you waste time trying to save that dog....or would you concentrate on the dogs who can live ......if I offend you perhaps you should reevaluate your life positions. ...I love those that can be and I dismiss those that can't be ....soon your eyes will open and all will be revealed and you people will be so surprised to see just how many lies you live under ...

1 point

Oh wow you watched a vid on a plentiful element found in every shovel of dirt...bravo for skunk works many tens of thousands have they lost now .....eemployees that is ....ya they are as relevant as dirt broand as for the rRocky complex they haven't stopped building since the last 1964 budget review when they went off book ...we're you been bro and as for thorium bill gates can fund that shit sandwich to you bottom feeders all day never gunna hit main stream phrase ......the Russian desolation weapon system we continue to push Syria and China sea we will make Putin's decision to render this empire exactly that desolate. ...I hope you have a real world skill set princess cause something tells me your butter soft ...and short on tangible skill and critical thinking ....I was nice to you people at first to see if anyone was worth pissing on ...nope ...not so far good luck with Phillip and ten year old data rehashed to tank nuclear power in America this is all by design are you really this fuckin dumb....

2 points

Ok here is how I feel or think on this .....if your gay to be you .....if your a tranny to be you ....if you wanna force your vomit sick bullshit on me and my kids it will most definitely suck to you....cause the first grown ass man that tries to follow my kid to the potty won't like what happens to you ....cause all you fags can do is kill my body ...I can double your effect do I really care .....but they will ....we all die who cares when or how .....but if im right my death leads to life and there death leads to pain beyond belief ......Google the Siberian drill ...the audio will make you tranny goons think twice ...and if this site censors me for this I don't give a fuck I WILL always laugh last and best ...because I know what's coming and I'm not scared death does not scare me....being tortured does not scare me ....and demonic entities do not scare me I know the Arachon by name I have met them and ....well .....not to impressive. as this all winds up to ww3 ....and I know you fuckin retards don't understand how this is related ...and will want me to connect dots and name names but fuck no...figure it out or follow the piper into the sea little rats .....

1 point

If you were born anywhere other than Mexico your NOT Mexican. is wrong with you people ....I can't wait ...your enemies are going to rape and kill you all and guess what you silly shit can't wish your way out of it man you people are fuckin whacks

1 point

You mean gynomastea ...ya men aren't supposed to have that ....that is consider a health disease .....called fat as fuck with no male test ...I imagine you feel that everyday you wake up

1 point

Read the posts someone said all you have to do is say your something and you are and I pointed out the stupidity in his argument. I do yours all the time is your skunk works employee friend doing ...btw that was a lie you want me to front you....

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