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RSS Jeremyfergus

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10 most recent arguments.

clearly it is not irrational. it is a genuine thing which could happen.

it is of course highly improbable and unlikely beyond most fears. while i do not have figures i would imagine there are far more probable ways of dying (many of which i imagine are quite amusing, i once heard you are more likely to be killed by a donkey than an airoplane) but this does not make it irrational

it is rational because there is a genuine reason to fear it, that though it is improbable it is possible that it would happen to you and kill you

that is a fantastic point. the young people of this generation rely completely on technology. without it they would struggle purely because they have been brought up in a world where at the touch of a button they can find whatever they need to know.

however it is what they do with that information whioch is interesting. at the minute we are seeing a huge dinamic shift in the world of teaching where instead of teaching information they need to teach analysis of said infomation, because the young people have all the information they need on their laptops, phones, tablets etc. the result of this is fairly incredible. my 11 year old cousin is already far smarter than i'll ever be.

it is true that the downside of this is the next generations are going to suffer from laziness as a result of this and i think we are already able to see the fruits of this. but is this immaturity, no, dont think so. i dont think young people are less mature nowadays but i do think the ways in which they are immature are.

yes they are of course immature...

but then again havent they always been?

while i would love to be all high and mighty and say i was never immature, if i am truely honest i was never slightly mature until at least 16 - 17 and even then i didnt completely act adult all the time. heck i still dont and frankly dont want to be!

hyes im still part of the younger end of the spectrum but i dont think that there has ever been a generation who can say they have always acted mature.

it is true that the way in which they act immature has changed owing to technology etc but i dont think that makes them more immature (if the ps3 was around when i was 10, i would never have left it) also i think in some ways the modern day accessibility of absolutely everything makes them more mature. young people faced with adult dilemas. having spent a while working in the field of youth i have seen the effect of this.

so in conclusion yes they are immature, but they are no less mature than i was at their age and i dont think the older generations were that much more mature than them either (judging by my parent etc) however the ways they are immature is completely digfferent

so your an atheist who believes in design... well thats not stupid... oh wait yes it is

it is either chance or design, hose are your two options, there is no third.

as i said do you really think the reaction which took your scientists all that equiment would have happened by chance?

no science is not out to disprove god, but i am tired of hearing people rely on science as if it were all fact and saying "this disproves god" yes there are theories, but i never found anyof them slightly credable

for some of the holes check the previous arguement.

im sure i am not the most knowlegable to scientific theories, but i get the gist ofit in general and am always eager to learn. if on the other hand you want to learn aout god, i would reccomend you read the bible. youmight even suprise yourself.

no, f it is not happening y anything else it must be a miricle, this is before asserting that this happens, if it is medically inexplicale, and people have been praying for them and itis otherwise inexplicale. to quoe sherlock holmes Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

if you would like to provide another explanation for someone having their leg grow 3 inches while we were praying id morethan happily discuss that with you...

to summerize, yes. there aremore than enoigh videos of it to show proof.

so your suggersting people hire actors and create false videos which they then put on a free website, why wouldsomeone do that? what possile reson could they want to do thatfor? and we arnt just talking aout 1 or 2 crazy people who thought it would be funny. there are pages of these. plus btw wikipedia is statistically more reliabole than the average encyclopedia

i was atheist for aout a year of my life so i am open minded, but i have never seen any evidance against god and i have seen a lot of things for him

lots of people are converted as a result of faith healing.

there is proof, having seen it first hand, that is irrifutable proof,if you loo fo ityou will find proof, but if you choose to ignore it as you seem determined to be, you wont.

because i pray in the name of jesus christ, i dont belive another god would intervene when im praying to someone else.

i never said we areincapable of doing well, you put those words in my i said i always thank my doctor they have worked hard to get where they are however god created them and me and has gifted me with many skills and ability. anything i am ableto do i should credit to god for allowing me to do. having said that if i work hard for somthing then that was my choice. but we often find that god works through people in some instances doctors.

because he has shown he is able to.

imnot going to argue with you about the wisedom of god. ihave found so many times that it is through my hardest momentsthat i am the man i am today

not to copy churchill or anything (the dog, not the man... although i once met someone who thought the man was named after the dog, well worthy ofa doubleface palm) but

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!!!

it took £40,000,000, 20 years of research and by intellegant design...

and you think that happened as pure chance?

if you do, then i call you a fool

and no it is not ignorance, science is yet to provide a shred of evidance agaist god, dispite it having all these holes in it. to not see this is as you put it... ignorance

no you cant, that is plain ignorance to suggest that when people are healed without any other explanation. you are wrong sir and frankly you make the rest of your arguement redundant based on your rediculous ignorance. you amaze me that you cannot see the obvious in front of your eyes.

it is true beyond reasonable doubt, but you are so ignorant that you refuse to accept it even though it IS proof andyou can not argue it isnt so dont bother trying. if you want to see it, type faith healing into youtube.

us incapable without god? try non existant. let alone incapable

i disagree, since that doesnt explaing how faith healing often works...

he can,but like i say, one who is infinitely wiser than i, chooses not to. and im not going to dispite him on it

yes but the idea is that any decision we make is based on things which have influenced us through part of the reaction, im not suggesting that if you do nothing the outcome will be the same as if if you do somthing, but the point is that our choices are based on our experiences and if all of our experiences are based uponthe reaction,then we were always going to make the same choice and im not saying that there is a preguidingforce towards our destiny, im arguing that you were always going to make the choices you have made up to this point which have givn you experiences by which you may make your other decisions all of which is part of the same reaction reverting back to the big bang, meaniong that any decision you make today you would always have made if the exact same reaction happened in the exact same way, so surely the furure in that respect, the future is set in some way.

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