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RSS Jerwin

Reward Points:15
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4 points

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1 point

Its just already part of our living, so without it, maybe we are not able to cope of everything.

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2 points

Its nothing to do with all of things, its all within a person who uses it.

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1 point

I just don't care, but just like many offers of mens watches online, google glasses is one of the best gift ever that I could consider.

1 point

It's part of our culture and history, and it should always do.

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1 point

At least give them appreciation, that even they didn't make it, they have tried their best and its worth more for them. Also an encouragement to build better camaraderie of every individual regardless they win or not. Giving them recognition and sports memorabilia, will keep them motivated and inspired.

1 point

Not just so we are in the modern world, but shopping is what we basically needs in order for us to play the role of consumers. For me I am into shopping where online shopping is one of my interest is the mens watches online, it is not my addiction, but I am buying it because of my needs, and as consumers, it is also way of getting the economy even better.

1 point

For men, it is okay to see them topless, it is part of the art, and even they do have shirt, they prefer cool wears like those available mens items at .

1 point

yes, for men fashion is very much important, like the idea that I got from it is a must that men have this personal knowledge about fashion and personal care.

1 point

Disadvantages, yes if you can't get rid of your addiction to it.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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