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RSS Jimbocloud

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2 points

In addition, you make a strong point that there would be a lack of a strong military in an anarchist society, leaving it open to invasions and takeovers by other states.

With respect, your appeal to paranoia is just so primitive and stupid.

Firstly, a "strong military" makes you a direct threat to other states, leading them to build their own "strong military" until the eventual result is either an all-out war for dominance, the destruction of the species, or a Cold War standoff with millions of lives at risk.

Secondly, and perhaps more pertinently, never in the recorded history of mankind (at least not to my meager knowledge) has any invader not had to deal with the military of the state he is invading. Hence, your premise that the military will keep you safe from invaders is about as false as they ever get. An invader would have to be seriously struggling in the aptitude department to presume the place he intends to invade will not be defended.

The problem you Americans seem to have generally (and it is almost certainly because of pro-gun propaganda) is in distinguishing attack from defence. Armies are for attacking other armies, not for building defensive shields around you to protect you from harm. The average American's confusion between these two concepts is perhaps one of the most pernicious, if not outright puzzling, aspects of contemporary life.

2 points

We absolutely need our government to keep the peace among the people.

You have the highest incarceration rate in the entire world, idiot. Your government's idea of keeping the peace is putting everyone in jail.

2 points

you are right that the government keeps the peace

No, he isn't right. Your "government" is unanimously thought of by the other nations of the world to be the biggest single threat to world peace. See:-

Polls: US Is 'the Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today today/

You are talking about a government which started two completely illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, during which close to a million innocent people died. In which universe is that keeping the peace?

Your number one problem is ignorance.

3 points

Shut up you ignorant little fucker. You don't even know what socialism is, and how does this attack against socialism fit into what you said previously?

These people are literally programmed to be retarded, buddy. They are probably all 12 or 13 and are getting gold stars from their idiotic teacher every time they repeat another piece of stupid bubblegum propaganda.

2 points

I believe that having a government is necessary for many different reasons. One reason is that the government is one that can declare war. If we do not have a government than wars could easily break out

What the literal hell on Earth are you babbling about? Government is necessary because they can declare war, therefore without them we could easily find ourselves in a war?

Just wtf do they put in the drinking water over there? DMT?

3 points

you’ve never won a debate here

But you've never even HAD a debate here, so how would you know? Vicious personal attacks, childish taunts and basic spelling errors do not constitute "debate" in any culture known to man.

Besides which, I suspect your recent saltiness is directly related to the fact we were able to find out that your mother is a whore.

Do you still see her? Or have you burned your bridges?

2 points

I make up everything I say because I'm a pointlessly stupid compulsive liar with a mental age of 10.

I can't disagree with you, good buddy.

2 points

I make up everything I say because I'm a pointlessly stupid compulsive liar with a mental age of 10.

I can't disagree with you, good buddy.

1 point

Why on Earth do so many people on this debate site waste time arguing with hateful fools?

All sane members avoid your debates for that exact reason. Because arguing with insane fools is pointless.

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