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RSS Jinond

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1 point

I ,of course, believe that true freedom as i have defined it is possible. Is it probable? no, given what i know about the way human hierarchy works.

Of course when one lives in a society there are lines that should not be crossed. and i gave those lines. life, limb and property are straight forward, cover murder, violence, theft, and vandalism. the selfsame right covers slavery or coercion of any any kind. The voluntary contract exception covers everything else.

For example if I choose to get a drivers license i am entering into a voluntary contract with the government agreeing to abide by the rules of the road and pay any associated fees. If I drive my car on my own property i do not need to get a license for myself or the car and if i can convince my neighbors to allow me to drive on their property i can travel places.

if i choose to contractually bind myself financially to another woman or man that is my business, and if i violate i stand to be punished. Civilly in this case or Criminally in the previous case. I do believe in the importance of contract law.

Sorry i did not know that a reply to your comment would add another vote in favor. the admins should fix that. so -1 from the Yes.

0 points

Smarter is a relative term. As already said the IQ is flawed. They used to claim men were better at visual spatial relationship. It turns out that men are better at remembering objects relative to one another in distance and direction, and women are better at remembering small clusters of objects related to one another. The study if i remember correctly did the testing first by not telling subjects they were going to be tested. when they did tell them exactly what they were to be tested on there were no significant difference between men and women.

1 point

universal suffrage always!! I choose not to vote but i should always have that choice.

1 point

Home work should not be graded. To grade home work is to grade the process of learning and not what has been learned. Grade quizzes and tests only.

2 points

I am fat. i choose to eat crap. i choose to not exercise and sit on my ass.

how ever it is not truly an epidemic as it is not a disease nor do i think it is unexpected given the way many Americans choose to live.

2 points

Income (wage) tax is slavery. my labor is mine, and taxing it is saying you own my labor. we had no income tax until the 1920's. when the amendment was passed income meant corporate profit. the feds decided to change the meaning of income to mean wage. The supreme court ruled twice that they could not tax wages under the amendment. They were ignored and the government has uses threat of force and jail to steal our wages ever since.

0 points

wow, i love totally unsupported claims.

There is zero evidence that second hand smoke causes cancer.

0 points

Fuck that. i know it's not eloquent but prohibition never never works.

1 point

I choose liberals but only because there are few real conservatives when it comes to the governments involvement in business and the economy. Democrats, Republicans, Liberal, Conservative (really Neo-Cons) they are all to fault. they all want to take our money and use if for their own profit, whether directly by bailing out private enterprise or to fund bloated, bureaucratic,and ineffective social programs that they can point to when election time come.

1 point

I repeat, anything less is not freedom. I really am interested to hear some differing opinions of what freedom is, and the justification. I am also interested to see if someone says they do not.

Winning Position: Yes

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Dennis 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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