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RSS Jinsang

Reward Points:79
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THe reason why immigrants are in usa in the first place is so that they can have opportunity that they couldn't have in their own country. We give them opportunity instead of penalty :P

2 points

no alcohol= No Alcoholism, not using alcohol as antidepressant, No drunk driving accidents (which means less car accidents).

1 point

Pres. Bush

You werent very good at being a good pres... But at least u admitted some of your mistakes.. Thats good :)

3 points

I get freaked out easily with bugs D: and Cockroaches are the worst xD

1 point

NO!!!! Homosexuality shouldn't be a sin! Its basically being a sinner for being born :P

1 point


Furries: its everyones problem

1 point

People with welfare are already having random searchs (like people from government coming to peoples house to look for evidence whether if they really need the welfare) Which violates their private life. We should help the people in need not make their lives more difficult.

1 point

Yeah. Korean is a great language to learn, but also difficult. Too bad not many colleges offer korean D:.

2 points

I HATE BEER. All my cousins and uncles were peer pressuring me to drink a can of beer. So i replaces the beer with orange soda and yelled "LISTEN UP I'll drink the whole can of beer with one shot if everyone puts in a dollar!" And that day i earned 6 dollars :P

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Jin Young Chang
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States

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