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RSS Joennie

Reward Points:63
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1 point

A personal insult. ;)

1 point

[Post only viewable by CreateDebatePremium® Users]

1 point

I live without God and want to die without God. How's that? Can I converse here? I pick this side ;)

1 point

They live so long..., but the good ones still bond with us for our entire lives. These immortals are so kind. We must be good friends to them. ;)

2 points

OK, Betty, calm your tits. Trump is not going to destroy America just to spite the liberals. The liberals may want Trump to destroy America just so that they can say, "SEE?!?!? I TOLD YOU!!!" but Trump and the rest of us aren't like that. I know Trump said he would protest a Hillary win and the liberals were appalled... but now that he won, it is the liberals who are implementing his hatred. It is the liberals who took a page from Trump's play book and are protesting the election. It is the liberals who are behaving more Trump like than Trump himself. Isn't that ironic? ;)

joennie(63) Clarified
1 point

Hey, I'm not making God look bad. God's making Himself look bad.

1 point

He paid your price so you can be set free.

But that's exactly the problem. I will NOT be set free. I am his indentured servant. He paid my price and now I owe Him. I repay my debt by worshiping Him for all eternity. I will never be set free. He made us all His bitch. We either obey or He will torture in Hell for all eternity. He only got to suffer on the cross for 3 days but the rest of us get all eternity. Nice! ;)

1 point

Don't take it so hard. I'll vote for us. ;)

1 point

She came over to cry on my shoulder. You big meanie.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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