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RSS Johnadi2000

Reward Points:10
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5 most recent arguments.
7 points

yes because without hope whats the point in living so why dont all you non belivers do a test shoot yourselves and get back to me on God and the Devil

2 points

This is a yes and no people should shut the fuck up about which one they think is right because nobody knows except dead people and thats kind of hard cuz they cant hop out their grave and say hey man god is awsome or buda is the funiest guy in heaven you know so lay it to rest and yes the world would be a better place

0 points

funiest comidian is a personal preference question the question that should be at hand is who has the most comidic talent. one of my faves is Jim Carrey

2 points

shity worst in history thats how you sum up the bush name

3 points

For all of you who want guns to be illegal ask your self this what will our army do without guns. Oh I know they will spit at eachother. Its funny how quick people are to say lets make guns illegal because their bad are they really that bad last time i checked it takes two hands a finger and a willing PERSON to use it. Just like how ignorant people say pit bulls are a deadly dog and should all be extermanated well so are bear and lions and tigers. Its not the animal that was trained to kill people. People train dogs to kill People. Now if this were a math equation People added to Killing equalls People Killing People hence the saying guns dont kill people, people kill people. Tell me Im wrong and ill call you and idot there is no argument for that statement none. Ignorance is what makes stupid and somtimes i see too much of it. California is the best place for it.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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